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The Sales Podcast Episodes 1-10 | Jim Fortin, Wendy Weiss, and More



Episode #1 of The Sales Podcast: David and Marhnelle Hibbard

In this episode, I interview "SOAR Selling" authors and sales training experts David and Marhnelle Hibbard, owners of Dialexis.

Get a copy of their book, SOAR Selling: How To Get Through to Almost Anyone—the Proven Method for Reaching Decision MakersSoar Selling by David and Marhnelle Hibbard on The Sales Podcast.

  • S.O.A.R. stands for Surge of Accelerating Revenue
  • Commercial real estate background from Southern California
  • Most books taught them what to do when they were in front of a qualified prospect, but there was little information on how to find those qualified prospects
  • The prospecting formula BTN + L = By The Numbers Plus Luck, i.e., "it's a numbers game and it's brutal and they sought out a way to solve that and they did."
  • Salespeople don't get great sales training; they get product training.
  • Learn the art of making contact
  • Your mindset is a big component that creates the intention to do the ugly or the hard work
    • Don't try to do what you're supposed to be doing
  • Originally created this methodology for cold calling
  • The SOAR Selling methodology helps you reach decision-makers more strategically and efficiently
  • In their live sessions making real prospecting calls, the failures always begin with "Well, I'll see what happens and I'll try to get them on the phone."
  • Your mindset helps determine your success in your prospecting efforts
  • Whoever says Cold Calling Is Dead is right because he's not good at it
  • You need smart mechanics and the right mechanics to succeed at prospecting
  • You need to listen for keywords in your prospecting efforts
    • "I don't believe Bill is in. Would you like to leave a message?" 
    • Average salespeople are shunted to the voicemail of Bill when in reality, he is probably in.
    • "I'm pretty sure he has left for lunch. Would you like to leave a message?"
    • Don't fall for that "pretty sure" line.
    • Stand your ground when prospecting. Hear what is really being said.
    • "I'm sorry. Bill is not available." "What does that mean? Is he in a meeting? Is he traveling?"
Become One of The 5
  • Be responsible for the results you want to create.
  • You can earn what you want to earn in the profession of sales.
  • Have good techniques and be conscientious.
  • Salespeople don't feel worthy—they have low self-esteem—so they don't persist in their prospecting efforts.
  • Many salespeople are tongue-tied when they actually get the boss on the phone
  • You need to know what is going on with the prospect and their business so you can have an intelligent conversation with them.
  • If you are a professional salesperson seeking to serve the prospect and you know your value, you will stand your ground and reach the key decision-makers you need to make the sale.
  • Understand how to change your selling style to match how your prospects buy
  • How DISCs answer the phone
    • D: "Ah, Wes Schaeffer!" (To the point.)
    • I:  "Hi, This is Wes. How are you?" (Happy.)
    • S:  "Hi. This is Wes. How may I help you?" (Slow)
    • C: "This is Mr Schaeffer. Who is calling?" (Cautious)
  • How to handle "SMS...i.e. Send Me Something"
    • Ask the prospect, "What do you mean when you say that?" Qualify the prospect's needs, wants, desires, and interest in what you're offering
    • "Mr. Prospect, I'd be happy to send you some more information. I have a lot of information at my fingertips. Would you mind if I ask you a few questions to narrow down exactly what you're looking for so I can send just that?"
    • #6 in the book, page 137 can get you a positive response if you're selling in a local market 50%-75% of the time if you do it right.
  • What makes a great salesperson?
    • Solid mechanics
    • Deep product knowledge
    • A serving mentality/attitude
    • Driven by a personal vision in their lives that pushes them to perform
    • Most corporations only teach product knowledge
    • Experience doesn't equal competency
  • Take responsibility for your outcome
  • Strive for continuous improvement

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Episode #2 of The Sales Podcast: The 7 Deadly Sins of Selling


I'm delivering a 3-part series to my local Chamber of Commerce, which is actually a condensed version of my Make Every Sale program.


Get This To Make Every Sale

But I decided to open that 3-part series with a review of my best-selling CD and report, "The 7 Deadly Sins of Selling."

So in today's second issue of The Sales Podcast, I've decided to review and update "The 7 Deadly Sins of Selling."

Enjoy this discussion of the 1st of "The 7 Deadly Sins of Selling." 

Episode #3 of The Sales Podcast: Jim Fortin, The Mind Authority Expert

Jim Fortin Discusses Zero Resistance Selling on The Sales Podcast


About Jim Fortin

I've known Jim since 2010.

As a student of sales, I love learning and surrounding myself with experts, which is why Jim is being interviewed for this podcast.

Enjoy this open-format, lively discussion between a couple of "old sales dogs" that are all about ethical, congruent persuasion and selling with integrity.

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The Sales Podcast #4: Do Email Marketing Like a Rebel (DJ Waldow)

 DJ Waldow, the email marketing rebel, on The Sales Podcast. 


About DJ Waldow

DJ Waldow is the author of "A Rebel's Guide to Email Marketing" and is now the email marketing guru at Marketo. Learn his tips for getting your emails read, your readers engaged, and your bottom line growing.

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Here are some notes from my interview with DJ Waldow.

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The Sales Podcast #5: The Importance Of WOW In Your Business Plan

Professional selling tips include having a Wow process on The Sales Podcast 


To stand out, you need to deliver a "WOW Experience" to your prospects and clients along all phases of your Perfect Customer Lifecycle. (You do have a marketing lifecycle, right?)

As a veteran user and reseller of HubSpotOntraport, and Infusionsoft, I've learned and now train and consult on the importance of having a process for your marketing and sales efforts, and I relay the story I experienced just yesterday with a dental practice that will be making $60,000 to $300,000 more per month within 30 days based on the new processes we helped them create during the magic we created in in this advanced group training program.


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The Sales Podcast #6: Do Cold Calling Right With Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling

Wendy Weiss is the cold calling queen sharing professional sales training tips


About Wendy Weiss

On July 2, 2013, I had a great conversation with Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling. Below are the notes I took during our time together:

Only four ways to get new business.

  1. Marketing.
  2. Referrals.
  3. Networking.
  4. Cold calling.

1-3 are great, but they are inherently passive. Picking up the phone is the most direct and active way to generate business.

Start with the "C" leads. The "crummy" leads until you get good.

There is no such thing as a "generic" cold-calling script. You must use relevant language and be relevant to the prospect.

What are their issues?

What do I say when the prospect says, "I'm not interested?" If you get it all the time, you are either not interesting or you are calling the wrong list.

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The prospect wants to know "who you are" and "what you want."

How do I deal with voicemail?

It makes sense to use voicemail as a tool, but you need to leave more than one to get a return call.

You can't wing it.

You need to script it out ahead of time.

Make four calls, send four emails, all at the same time over a regular period, for example.

If they are a good enough lead, recycle this process and start it again a month or two or three later.

Fear holds people back from making calls. It's just a form of direct marketing. You don't have to love it. Just do it.

Get "The Cold Calling Survival Guide" and "Cold Calling for Women: Opening Doors and Closing Sales" (affiliate links)   

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The Sales Podcast #7: Do Social Media Right, So You Don't Look Silly, Coach Deb

Coach Deb Cole shares entrepreneurial tips on The Sales Podcast. 


About Coach Deb, The Entrepreneurial Mindset Expert

Coach Deb Helps You Live Life On Your Terms
SMO - Social Media Optimization

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Your fans will anoint you and tell you how they see you as an expert.
Google and the algorithms are looking at your current social media content and engagement.

Use social media in real-time when you are inspired.

Twitter - 40404 - save it as a contact.

  • Turn it on in Twitter settings. If Wifi is not available, you can still get a text out to update.
  • Keep it under 120 characters to make it easier to get Retweeted.

Use social media when you have some downtime.

Use quick updates to stay top-of-mind with your niche and marketplace.

Writing her first book, "Secrets of Online Persuasion: Captivating the Hearts, Minds and Pocketbooks of Thousands Using Blogs, Podcasts and Other New Media Marketing Tools," was the best thing she ever did in business. It created credibility; it made her an expert; it eliminated doubt in the minds of her prospects.

Deb recommends Morgan James Publishing because they are "The Entrepreneurial Publisher." (Tell them Coach Deb sent ya.)

She recommends Flickr.

FriendFeed.com - it's not discussed much, but it's a great, free tool that lets you "set it and forget it" to push your social media content out there.

Make sure you have an opt-in box to capture the contact information of subscribers that visit your site.

Your site is your hub, and it's the only thing you own.

Social media sites can and will and have shut down and go away. You must own your own list.

Digital Marketing Done Right: Free Report

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The Sales Podcast #8: Marshawn Evans: From Law School to Miss America to Donald Trump's "The Apprentice"

Marshawn Evans Daniels Donald Trump Apprentice Sales Podcast 8



About Marshawn Evans Daniels

Marshawn Evans, former Miss America contestant, author competitor on Donald Trump's "The Apprentice," attorney, and success coach shares success advice.

Just a few years ago, she left her stuffy full-time job as an attorney and turned her passion for people into a million-dollar enterprise as a speaker, coach, and entrepreneur.

Now through ME University® and The GODFIDENCE® Institute, she teaches money, marketing, and mindset mastery to “life-changerpreneurs” and leaders ready to find their voice and build 6- and 7-figure expert brand empires as paid speakers, media & client attraction magnets, profitable coaches, authors, product launchers, and social media mavens who fearlessly and strategically “take their message to the masses.”®

Get Marshawn Evans' book, S.K.I.R.T.S in the Boardroom: A Woman's Survival Guide to Success in Business and Life.

Hear From Fellow Contestant and Winner of Donald Trump's "The Apprentice," Kelly Perdew


Kelly Perdew, winner of The Apprentice with Donald Trump


Hear from another competitor on Donald Trump's "The Apprentice," Jennifer Murphy


Jennifer Murphy from The Apprentice with Donald Trump on The Sales Podcast


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The Sales Podcast #9: From $80k in Debt to The Inc 500 (Infusionsoft Entrepreneur Casey Graham)

Casey Graham, Infusionsoft Marketer of the Year on The Sales Podcast



About Casey Graham

"Third iteration of an idea that went bad."
"Fired myself as a CFO of a church."

86% of churches were behind budget or at break even.

He had $36,000 in savings. His wife was working. They had no kids. July 1, 2008, not knowing the financial world was going to collapse.

Things worked, but he didn't like how it was working.

He was traveling, etc.

Then he saw that churches needed bookkeeping…but it didn't work.

But even when times were at their lowest point he kept his eyes open.

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That's when he learned about residual income, email marketing, membership sites, etc.

He was being paid monthly as a bookkeeper…

Out of desperation found Infusionsoft, and they asked him what his first broadcast would be.

He had 800 email addresses and sent them to a link to a 3-hour recording, and he made a few thousand dollars in a few days.

Then he created three brands within the church niche.

He was $80,000 in debt.

Took four years to figure it out.

I bought into the lie that it's easy to just set up a website and get online and make money. It's as hard as anything…But the replication is easier online once you figure it out. The fundamentals in any business are the same.


Putting out tons of free content on Casey Graham.

These practical tips are key. People don't need 17-page guides.

I kept going because I had a family to feed."..."I just had to succeed."
"We were desperate on cash flow but we always had some customers and were able to make a sale. But is was a desperate feeling knowing I had to make a sale over and over and that wasn't good on my family."

"Friends and family were key. Their support and belief in me were so important."

Keep selling something.
Sell what the market wants and is asking for. "Pivot when you find a new opportunity."

"What are people asking you about?"
Sell what people will buy.

"Be careful who you're learning from. For example, I stopped reading Success Magazine because I was struggling and I was reading the 'successful' people. I learn from people that tell me the back story."

I always had a coach, even when I was failing."

Order The Infusionsoft Book


Get with a real coach that you pay money to.

My coaches hold me accountable, not just give me advice.

Entrepreneurs have good ideas, but most don't take action on those ideas.

Zero investment in learning = zero improvement.

I paid for people that had niched advice at first. I hired a lady for $12,000 to teach me how to sell online. She had won Dan Kennedy's Marketer of the Year, and I walked up to her and asked her to help me.

As you grow, get different coaches.

Work inside your strength but make sure your weaknesses don't hurt you. For example, I'm not administrative at all. But when I didn't have assistants and staff, I'd stay up after the kids went to bed or would binge for half a day at a time and knock out the administrative stuff.

Now I don't do emails or that administrative stuff because I've been able to slowly pull myself away from it.

Outsourcing can't be done too quickly. You still need to keep your finger on the pulse.

He spoke at a conference, and it was recorded. He did a 3-hour session as a breakout from a larger conference.

The principle here is to look around at what you have and offer it for free if you have to get started.

"What if your next big thing is your current small thing?"

I didn't have a Success Coach until Infusionsoft asked me. That idea they forced me to create from their questions is worth millions.

There is no niche too small if you dominate it."
~Dan Kennedy

I had a list because I just kept email addresses for over 2.5 years and entered them into Zoho. "It was terrible. It was a cemetery for email addresses."

Sold the recording for $99.

Hosted the recording on eJunkie…some product thing…it may not exist…I had to email a code, and if they didn't download it after 3 days, it expired.

We didn't have a payment gateway/merchant account, etc. I just had PayPal, and it worked. The email was terrible. There was no headline. No copy. But I had a relationship with these people for over 2.5 years.

It's simple: sell something. Sell it now. Sell it today. Quit creating the perfect thing. If you are starting out, you need an email address. Send it out manually if you have to.
Complexity is the killer of momentum.

It's the lack of desire to sell something that holds people back. 

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The Sales Podcast #10:  Bob Burg: Network Like a Pro and Watch Your Sales Grow

Author Bob Burg shares networking tips on The Sales Podcast 


Listen to Bob Burg's Return Interview on The Sales Podcast #59

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