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Believe Bigger With Marshawn Evans Daniels

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Sales Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • Attorney, former Miss America contestant
  • Background in branding with one of the biggest law firms in the country
  • Sometimes you have to play the game and look the part and dress the part
    • This made her restless
    • She had no time due to her rough work schedule
  • There may not be anything wrong with where you are, it just may not be where you're supposed to be
  • Went into professional sports managing professional athletes
  • Your restlessness is "labor pains"
  • After three years she was engaged, supposed to move, and was restless again
  • "The tug" pulls you out of your comfort zone
  • Six days before her wedding she had a "split rock" moment when she discovered her fiance was cheating on her
  • Forced her to get still and clear
  • Runs the largest women of faith coaching business
  • Your purpose is not how you make a paycheck, it's who you are
    • It's your personality
    • How you show up
  • The Purpose Map™—Leadership. Influence. Purpose.
    1. Discover: the rules of life
    2. Talent: climb the mountains of success
      • Relationships
      • Career success
    3. The Gap: you're in the middle
      • Most stay here
    4. The Gift Stage: our superpowers
      • Our gifts are different than our talents
      • It's important to hire coaches to help you get here
    5. Influence: what we're built for
      • The Promised Land
      • Simon Sinek "Start With Why"
      • Marshawn thinks "Start With Where (are we called to lead)"
  • There's nothing wrong with you when you want to do something greater
  • Be good where you are
    • How you leave matters
    • Further your development where you are
    • Success looks easy online
    • You'll attract the type of employees that you were
  • Watch your attitude
    • It's not your employer's fault
    • Getting a check is a privilege
    • You are not "stuck" where you are
  • She experienced corporate hazing and it was stressful
    • Women can be brutal to other women in business
    • Marshawn had name recognition from day one and one of her mentors wasn't happy
    • She wasn't "supposed" to "skip steps"
  • The power of investment. Surviving tough seasons make you tough.
  • Do not cut what you can untie.
    • You don't need to be overly-emotional
    • Develop your ability to endure and deal with tough situations
    • Don't be emotional about someone's dysfunction
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
    • The battle of "Little Me vs. Future ME"
    • She became a "success addict" in 3rd grade
    • You gotta face it to fix it
    • God speaks in "cans" instead of "cannots"
  • There are 7 Blessing Blockers
    • One is comparison
    • You are enough. There is enough.
    • Athletes don't wake up with championships. They work for them.
    • You need to develop the grit to hold onto what might be given to you.
    • Strive to become a mentor
  • Relatability can be more important than respect
  • Don't water down your greatness
  • Transparency is key to prosperity

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