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Successful Entrepreneurs Move On Purpose

(Chief Executive magazine surveyed 651 CEOs from across the country and for the 5th 8th 11th year in a row California is last. Followed by New York, Michigan, New Jersey and Massachusetts.) (Updated: 2/19/16 New York is still 49th, followed by Illinois, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.)

Texas was voted the #1 best state for the 5th 8th 11th year in a row.


 I'll let you do the research to determine what the winners and losers have in common when it comes to:

  • Taxation
  • Welfare
  • Regulations
  • Education
  • Infrastructure
  • And overall Political Correctness

Here's the beauty of this report: it proves that money talks and bullsh*t walks.

You cannot repeatedly beat the successful entrepreneurs—the PRODUCERS—over the head, break their legs, handcuff them and disparage their hard work and success and then confiscate their gains and expect them to take it lying down FOREVER!

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My clients in the freight and moving industries tell me they are quoting and moving people out of California weekly but not moving anyone into the state.

Americans are Pioneers.

We love freedom.

We are risk-takers.

Setbacks are expected.

Failure, though, is not an option and you only fail when you fail to get back up after a setback.

The government is NEVER the answer.

The government is ALWAYS the problem.

We cannot tax our way into prosperity.

The government only does two things well:

  1. Kill people
  2. Break things

That's why I love our military and am proud to have served for 9 years. Our nation needs to be defended because there are a lot of bad guys out there that want to kill us.

They are jealous of our productivity, our ingenuity, our freedoms, our prosperity.

So hold your head up high and tell the CONFISCATORS, the EXCESSIVE REGULATORS, the SOCIAL MANIPULATORS, the MOOCHERS and the LOOTERS sitting on their pedestals in Sacramento and Washington D.C. to go pound sand, get their hands out of our wallets, go live and produce in and amongst the laws they've created to see how friggin' Socialistic and punitive they have become.

Become One of The 5

Entrepreneurs are what make this country great.

Business owners are the backbone of this country.

Professional Salespeople are the fuel of small business - and big business for that matter. A former CEO of mine used to say,

Salespeople are the straw that stir the company drink."

Be proud to be in sales.
Be proud to be a Capitalist.
Be proud to be a fighter, growing your business against the artificial headwinds coming out of bureaucratic cesspools occupied by empty suits more concerned with philandering their life and our hard-earned money away.

Be proud that you are American. (Not a hyphen-American. An American. We're all hyphen-Americans.)

Surround yourself with experts and demand excellence from everyone you meet and with whom you do business.

Demand excellence:

  • From your kid's teachers.
  • From your vendors.
  • From your Chamber of Commerce.
  • From your mayor and city council.
  • From your cell phone provider and from your janitorial staff.
  • Demand excellence from the restaurants you frequent and from the newspapers and magazines and blogs that you read.
  • Demand excellence from your children and encourage them to do more in the pursuit of their dreams.
  • Demand excellence from your staff and from your consultants and advisers.
  • Demand excellence from your governor and from your representatives and senators and from our President.

America was not founded on excuses.

Lewis and Clark did not have lifetime, defined benefit plans or free health care when they sought the Northwest Passage. These pioneers had guts and vision and determination and drive and persistence and a yearning to be free and to achieve greatness.

And it was hard on them at times. But it was worth the struggle, the effort, the temporary discomfort.

Welcome to the biggest battle of your business career and your life.

We stand at the crossroads not too dissimilar from the crossroads that George Washington and Abraham Lincoln faced. Our nation is under assault from both the outside and from within.

Pay attention. Work hard. Accept no excuses. Hold your staff and your elected officials accountable for their actions.

When you do, great things will happen.

Keep the faith.

May God Bless You, Our Troops & America.

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