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Your Poor Sales Skills Create Bad Customers!

After you watch this shoot me an email if you don't cringe more than a little because you realize your clients are doing this to you all the time!

When I meet people and tell them the name of my company the dialogue goes something like this,

New Acquaintance: "Oh, The Sales Whisperer!? That's an interesting name. Is it like 'The Dog Whisperer?'"

Me: "Yes it is."

NA: "Oh. So you can train my salespeople?"

Me:(Of course I can TRAIN anyone but what they mean is "Can you make my salespeople better because I have no idea how to get them to produce predictable profits.") "How do you know your salespeople are trainable:" (Read this article on why you must ask questions your prospects can't answer.)

NA: (Long pause, tilted head, uncomfortable scratch of the neck...) "Hmmm. That's a good question. May I get your card?"

Get This To Make Every Sale


Most salespeople do not understand that you have the right and can develop the ability to both control the selling situation and to fire your clients if they are nit-picking you to death.

Contrary to popular belief, the role of the salesperson is not to talk and educate and ham it up, or to be a prospect's / buying agent's punching bag.

Your job is to ask questions they can't answer and identify areas in which you can help your prospect. Then help them take possession, implement and benefit from your offering.

If you wouldn't haggle over the cost of a CD at Wal-Mart by offering half price only to get offended when they throw you out on your ear, don't let your prospects and clients do it to you.

Learn to tilt your head like the kid in the music store or the chef in the restaurant, look at your haggling prospects like they are crazy and say,

I'd be happy to lower my price. Which features and options would you like me to remove from my proposal?"

Stand tall.

Internalize and fully comprehend and appreciate the value of your offering and of YOU!

Learn to ONLY call on decision-makers.

Ask insightful questions.

Go on meaningful, pre-qualified appointments with a mutually-agreed upon agendas for the meeting including the agreement to make a decision at the conclusion.

How To Control Every Sale

Do this and you will sell more, faster, at higher margin, with less stress and more fun in 90 days or less, guaranteed.

If you'd like a little help, ask your question at "How Do I Make The Sale?"

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