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Bob Burg: 5 Persuasion Principles To Turn Adversaries Into Allies


About Bob Burg

Bob Burg is a returning guest on The Sales Podcast. You can listen to his first interview, Episode #10 here.


He has just released a new book, Adversaries into Allies: Win People Over Without Manipulation or Coercion, so I had him on to discuss selling, persuasion, influence, manipulation and how to grow your business with honesty and integrity.

  • Bob's new book is a “how-to” vs a story, like some of his previous books.
  • We all need to master people skills.
  • Adversaries may actually be a nice person but if they are standing in the way of a good solution they are an adversary in that situation.
  • Sadaharu Oh said the pitcher is not his adversary but his partner in hitting home runs.

Influence vs. Manipulation

  • Influence - move someone to a desired action.
  • Manipulate or Persuade - they are related.
    • The difference between the two begin with intent.
    • Dr. Paul W. Sweats - manipulation aims at control…win-lose is the goal. Win at all costs. Persuaders seek to help the other party. “The Art of Talking So That People Will Listen.”
  • What is selling and what is it not? It is not convincing someone to buy something they don’t want or need.
    • Help people get what they need after you determine their needs.
    • Profit is the reward for pleasing another person. - Harry Brown
    • It’s all about focus. Money is an echo of value.
    • Be empathetic. Understand their feelings.
    • The one question you can ask that is pretty much guaranteed to keep a potential misunderstanding from ever actually taking place. “Please clarify / Can you please clarify?"

Politics is almost like religion.

  • Self-identify with both. Be sure to not attack the person. (There are a lot of people lurking and watching the conversation to see how you are making your point - logic or insults.) “I can tell that you really do care. Like you, I want to live in a country where we can all…I think out area of disagreement is how to best go about it…” Be nice. Appear to not be so dogmatic.
  • Control your emotions. “Who is a mighty person? One who can control their emotions and make an enemy a friend.”
  • Understand why your out-of-control emotions are a problem.
  • This can even help you get out of a speeding ticket!
    • Show respect. Apologize. Be sincere.
    • “If possible…could I get off with a warning?” Give him a backdoor.
    • The 8 key words “If you can’t do it, I’ll definitely understand.”

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