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Do Sales Recruiting Correctly With Personality Test Expert John Pyke

Go beyond Myers Briggs tests and basic interview questions to find your next great salesperson  

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Sales Recruiting Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • 100 years of research into personality assessments prove they are not that great in and of themselves
  • DISC, etc. are great for communications and behavioral analysis
  • When it comes to hiring a traditional assessment is showing what's above the surface
  • Persistence, Drive, Problem Solving, etc. are innate abilities
  • Not everything can be taught to your people
  • Based on science and statistics we know how to hire good people, but you have to use the right tools
  • Salespeople need to be money-motivated
  • Hiring managers have been burned in the past and/or they just don't know so John has his prospects give him their top and bottom people and John identifies them by their results
  • Bad hires can cost up to $114,000 + lost opportunities
  • But if you go too slow and say you are "selective" you learn that time kills deals
  • John offers a one year unconditional replacement guarantee and lower fees
  • The 80/20 rule is alive and well in sales performance
  • 65% of businesses say it takes at least seven months to get a new hire up to speed and they only stay an average of 17 months
  • There's a 95% turnover in residential real estate
  • Develop a culture of high performance on your team
  • What is unique about your recruiting and hiring process?

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