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Welcome To The Sales Podcast

Hosted by Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®


Master Your Online Business Growth With Entrepreneur and Mom, Alison Prince


Covering everything from inbound sales, the new ABCs of selling, marketing automation, social media, and the entrepreneurial mindset. This is the unscripted, no B.S. podcast where Wes gets the answers to the questions you want to and need to know to grow your sales today. 

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What Listeners Say About The Sales Podcast

"As a fairly consistent follower, I find when I am in the right mind set to be "whispered" to, the message of your people hits me like a train. Well Sean was definitely one of those Conductors. Not just his Life's Journey but the raw, basic fundamental of Honesty...tell it, share it and believe it. From Sales to Life Lessons, to be brutally honest and tell the truth is empowering. Thanks again Wes for putting together all of these "AllStars" on your Podcast. Keep it up Brother."

KC3....down on the Bayou. ⚜️

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Veterans Turned Entrepreneur

Army Veteran, John Lee Dumas, Podcast Guru and Entrepreneur On Fire Founder

"The Apprentice" Winner, West Point Graduate, Venture Capitalist, Kelly Perdew

Former Marine Ian Melancon Is Growing The Family Coffee Business in Baton Rouge

U.S. Naval Academy Grad Pete Olsen Is a Top Social Media Marketing Expert

Former Navy SEAL, Joel Lambert Goes Hollywood

Former Navy SEAL, Dan O'Shea, In The News

Former Navy SEAL, Shot 7 Times, Motivational Speaker, Jay Redman, #162

Former Marine, Benjamin Brown, Is Doing What It Takes

From Prison To Prosperity

Mike Pisciotta Spent 10 Years In a Federal Pen

Pot. Porn. Prison. Prosperity. Mark Lyford

Prison Can Make You Write, Market & Sell Better, With Bond Halbert

From $300k to Prison & Back: Hardcore Closer Ryan Stewman

Entrepreneurial / Persistence Mindset

Cliff Ravenscraft, The Podcast Answer Man

Be Excellent With Serial Entrepreneur & Blogger, John Saddington

Steve Chou's Wife Quit Her Job...and They Are Killing It!

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Podcaster's Paradise Founder, John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneur On Fire Founder

Cliff Ravenscraft, The Podcast Answer Man

Pat Flynn, Founder of Smart Passive Income Podcast 

Professional Sales Training

Sell Like a Pro With "SOAR Selling" Trainers David & Marhnelle Hibbard

"Selling To Big Companies" Author and Professional Sales Training Expert, Jill Konrath

Former Tony Robbins Sales Expert, Author, Entrepreneur Eric Lofholm

Master The Art of Selling With Sales Training Legend Tom Hopkins

Meet My Sales Training Mentor, Steve Clark, New School Selling

New York Times Best Selling Author of "Selling To VITO," Anthony Parinello

Use Mind Reading To Make Every Sale With Ian Rowland

Use Body Language To Read People Like a Book With Suzanne Mazefield

This Guy Ain't No Dummie, Butch Bellah Helps You Grow Your Sales

"Pitch Anything" and Make The Sale With Oren Klaff

Donald Trump

"The Apprentice" Winner, West Point Graduate, Venture Capitalist, Kelly Perdew

Attorney, Miss America & "The Apprentice" Contestant, Author Marshawn Evans 

Miss America & "The Apprentice" Contestant, Video Marketing Expert Jennifer Murphy


Backlinko Founder Brian Dean Shows You How He Got 16,696 Visitors In One Week

Phil Singleton Explains Google & SEO Basics (For Mere Mortals)

Meet My SEO Guru, Danny Star, Who Does SEO Right

How Local Businesses Need To Do SEO With Jason Dulay

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Social Media

From Tony Robbins to Harley Davidson, Meet Facebook Marketing Expert, Amy Porterfield

Meet This Former Factory Worker / Taxi Driver Turned Twitter Expert, Gary Loper

This Failed Real Estate Investor Is Now a Top 10 Global Social Media Expert, Pete Olsen

Manly Men Use Pinterest To Grow Their Sales With Jeff Sieh

Overcoming Adversity

From Tragedy at Home to Wandering To Oprah & Grammys, Rhonda Britten

Abducted, Gang Raped, Tossed Into The Cold, Monika Korra Says "Kill The Silence"

Kidnapped In Somalia and Saved By Navy SEAL Team 6, Meet Jessica Buchanan

From Homeless to Hopeful, Cheyenne Bostock Turned Things Around Fast!

Meet The Blind Blogger, Max Ivey

Hit By a Truck But Dr Nicole Eastman Fought Back

Create Your Celebrity Status

Create Your Own PR and Get Booked Nationally With "TeeJ" Mercer

Get on TV, Become a Celebrity, Grow Your Business With Clint Arthur

Get More Press With Less Stress With Dean Rotbart

Business Planning

How To Be The Smartest Guy In The Room With Bo Bothe

"The Complete Idiot's Guide To Starting a Home-Based Business" Author, Barbara Weltman

Learn The New A.B.C.s of Selling
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Wes's guidance helped me grow my leads 383% in our first month then 337% in the second month.

Alycia Wicker grew her sales with Wes Schaeffer.

Alycia Wicker, Business Coach For Creative Entrepreneurs

I have doubled my membership numbers...and raised my prices 423%. YOU ROCK!

Tabitha Day Philen, Owner, Inspired Bloggers University

Tabitha Day Philen, Owner, Inspired Bloggers University

When I finally hired you...I started to grow. When I was on Shark Tank, Damon asked "You use Infusionsoft" and "You use The Sales Whisperer?" I said, "Yes, and you guided me all along the way."

Shark Tank's Major Mom Testimonial For Wes Schaeffer

Angela Cody-Rouget, Founder, Major Organizers

Wes is an epic storyteller...who truly delivers powerful content...

John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur On Fire loves Wes Schaeffer's Infusionsoft work

John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneur on Fire

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