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"I would work with you any place, any time."

- Beatrice Briggs

Have Wes Roll His Eyes and Shake His Head At What You Call a Sales Process. (Hey, we only hurt the ones we love, right? But You Will Be Better, Stronger, and Making More Sales When He's Done With You.)

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Get Unlimited HubSpot Support For One, Flat, Monthly Rate. No Long-Term Contracts. No Fast-Talking Jargon To Confuse You. No B.S. (We'll Even Train You As We Go If You Want To Learn It So You Can Fire Us.)

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"Why is 'The Sales Whisperer®' YELLING AT ME?"

Wes one stripe blue belt
Because I'll do whatever in the hell it takes to get you, your boss, your staff, your family, your therapist, your yogi, your astrologer, your neighbor, and/or your &^%$#*!! chiropractor on board with this program that WILL help you sell more, faster, at higher margin, with less stress, and more fun.
  • I train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for two hours a day, 5-6 days a week and as I'm quickly approaching half-a-century—that's 50 for those of you who took Common Core math—I don't have the patience to listen to your excuses. Get a dog if you want a friend. Get me if you want to make exponential improvements to your business.
  • I've been in sales full-time providing for a family of nine on my ability to get noticed, get the meeting, and get the sale, so the stuff I tell you to do not only has worked, it does work, and it will work, otherwise I wouldn't tell you to do it.
  • I've written two books and traveled the friggin' world speaking and training so my stuff works here, there, and everywhere. (Yes! Even for you...if you'd listen. THAT'S WHY I'M YELLING!)
  • I'm an Air Force veteran, which means I've been smart enough to get into the "easy" branch of the military since I was 18. Leverage my brain to minimize your pain.
  • I've interviewed over 400 fantastic guests on The Sales Podcast since 2013, and those guests have both given me a Master's level education in how to grow a business while also validating that I know my shit. You can go back and listen to 400 hours of interviews for free to get the help you need—don't say I never gave you anything—or retain me to distill it down to a few hours for you so you can get results instead of ear wax on your headphones.
  • I've hosted of The CRM Sushi Podcast since 2017, so I've spoken to dozens of leading-edge entrepreneurs inventing radically different tools to make sales faster, and they give me their tools to test. So I'm your crash test dummy for technology, which means you don't have stick a fork in the electrical outlet to see if it will kill you...or take down your site. I've done if for you so you don't have to.
  • I'm a HubSpot Gold & Infusionsoft Platinum Plus Partner, which means I know this salesforce automation, marketing automation, inbound marketing, CRM, and e-commerce stuff like Trump knows how to misspell crap on Twitter. That helps you by shortening your learning curve yet again.
  • Does that sound like someone you'd in your corner fighting for—or with—you to finally grow like you know you should? Let's talk.

Pick Your Poison (Why do bartenders say that?)

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Find the best CRM for your needs for sales enablement and inbound marketing.

Get these 21 sales secrets to sell more, faster, at higher margin, with less stress, and more fun.

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Punch Your Sales Team In The Mouth...With a Whisper.
(Or Wes can arm bar them like you see on UFC fights.)

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A Few of Wes's Crying Clients

Terrible Testimonials

Erin Chase 5 Dollar Dinner Testimonial


Erin in San Diego

Engaged with attendees ahead of time and held the attention for 50 minutes of furious note-taking.

valeria keynote testimonial wes schaeffer


Valerija in Slovenia

Very relevant...exceeded expectations...so much positive feedback...CEOs, salespeople, and marketers all loved it.



Kingsley in Scottsdale

I wasn't expecting your talk to touch me the way it did. The way you opened and delivered...we were nearly in tears.

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