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End the cat-and-mouse search for CRMs, sales, training, and professional development.

There's a right way and there's a painful way to grow.

Before you spend money on more traffic...
Before you attend another trade show/conference/webinar/event...
Before you join another 12-month mastermind that costs more than your car...

Start here with Wes

Grow enough to swim with the sharks (like Angela, a.k.a. Major Mom) without paying a gaggle of goo-roos for "the secret," only to realize invoices are all they can deliver on-time.

There are two types of sales: the easy ones, and those you don't get. 

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And there are two reasons people don't do business with you:
they haven't heard of you...or they have.

To grow your sales you must deliver a powerful message in a powerful manner.

It's simple, but not easy. Good thing for you this is all I've done since 1997. Let's see if we're a fit to work together.

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Get unlimited expert CRM support
without expensive, long-term contracts.

We support HubSpot, Infusionsoft, Ontraport, and ActiveCampaign.

Get your own CRM butler to take control of your CRM so it makes you money.

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Hire a Proven Keynote Speaker That Will Show Up Early, Stay Late, Tailor His Talk To Your Event, Help Promote It Ahead of Time, Stay Sober, and Keep It Clean.

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You DO NOT Need More Traffic

I know. I know.

Traffic is all the rage.

"You GOTTA run Facebook ads! You GOTTA run Instagram ads! You GOTTA go viral!"

That's all well and good IF—AND ONLY IF—you can convert your visitors to suspects, your suspects to prospects, your prospects to opportunities, your opportunities to won deals, your won deals to repeat buyers who ALSO provide referrals and testimonials.

So do you really need more traffic, which costs money, or do you need to get better at converting the traffic you're already getting, THEN get more traffic?

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