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Break The Sales Slump Cycle and Start
Landing Big Deals Like It's No Big Deal

sales slump cycle


Making sales doesn't have to be hard.

But if you've found yourself in a bit of a slump—or if you want to

ensure you continue performing at the top of your sales game—

join Wes and a small group of your peers 

every week for live, interactive training and dialogue to

accelerate your sales and land big deals like it's no big deal.


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USAFA Graduation Wes Schaeffer  (1)

Order and Optimize Your HubSpot CRM

Since graduating from the United States Air Force Academy on May 27, 1992 I guess you could say I've been a bit of a "techie geek."

However, in 1997 I resigned my commission to enter the world of sales, which included a decade in making sales in the technology and manufacturing space.

In 2006 I bought this URL you're on now then trademarked The Sales Whisperer®.

In 2014 I bought HubSpot and switched my 6-year old Infusionsoft account and 8-year old Wordpress website to HubSpot.

So if you're looking for a salesman who also understands CRMs, Copywriting, and Marketing, let's talk.


Get Unlimited, Expert CRM Help...

For one affordable, predictable price.

Hire Wes and his team for an intensive 90-days of private consulting and unlimited technical support to knock the cobwebs loose, get a fresh set of eyes on your problems, and make your CRM shake, rattle, and roll.

Let's talk to see if there's a fit...

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