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Steven Sisler Explains Why The Psychopaths Make It To The Top

Steven Sisler Returns



Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • "Energetics of Personality"
  • Found their original algorithm of DISC.
  • He goes deep, and his wording is raw.
  • He uncovers attitudes and allegiances.

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  • He doesn't sell assessments.
  • He's a behavioral analyst.
  • Axiology is the science of value.
  • A theoretical science based on mathematics, the Harman Value Profile.


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  • Creatures, things, systems.
  • Systems are abstract and concrete.
  • He can determine how you think and what you value.
  • The outer world and the inner world.
  • My intrinsic value cannot be scaled.
  • What we do is our functional value.
  • Why I do and where I'm going.
  • Most people do this backward.
  • Humans are pack animals...we seek things and tribes...so groupthink pops up.
  • The internet revolution has changed things.
All the psychopaths are at the top."
  • Employees are more powerful and run companies now.
  • He's no longer working with the HR gatekeepers.
  • Slavery comes about when we see humans as things.
  • "The Angry Brain." Take all good things by force because they lie outside of us.
  • We see things we don't know we're seeing.
  • People only see what they believe; thus, palm readers can tweak you and steal from you.
  • The brain only justifies why it does what it does.
  • Ted Bundy was great at spotting vulnerable women.
  • Love languages.
  • This makes people open up to you.
  • You don't sell products. You influence people.
  • Find a need and fill it.


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  • 2,500 years ago, with Aristotle,
    • I believe you're a messenger of goodwill.
    • I have your best interest at heart.
    • I believe you know what you're talking about.
  • He teaches high-probability selling.
  • We all just want instant gratification.
  • The first sale is always to yourself.
  • Be friendly, normal, and supportive of your customers. Motivate them.
  • His friend got paid to care about people.
  • We're looking for pleasure, not pain.
We're looking for pleasure, not pain."
  • The guy that knows how has a job.
  • The guy that knows why is the boss.
  • He does not cold call.
  • After 18 years, he's gotten his clients through referrals.
  • He over-delivers.
  • He's honest and keeps his word, so his clients become friends.
  • He created a F.R.A.N.K. list and gave free assessments to about 50 people.
  • Soon he started getting referrals.
  • "I don't suck!"
Understand yourself first."
  • People just want and need love and encouragement.
  • 60% of his prospects/clients cry.
  • People work hard for people they believe love them.
  • Most managers don't manage people. They don't nurture. Their people wander with no mission, just a quota.
  • "There's More To Management Than A Big Desk: A tale of one man's journey into relationship management and how it changed his life forever"
  • You can only cascade meaning.
  • Your team must do meaningful work.
  • They must know your origin story.
  • Your people will work hard if people think you like them.
  • Enjoy what you're doing, who you're doing it with, and who you're doing it for.
  • The brain only justifies; it never verifies.
  • People only die for what they believe, not what they know.
  • Scientists and theologians are the most biased groups.
  • Principals and patterns are how the brain works.
  • We have rivers in our minds—neural networks—formed by our beliefs.
  • Evidence does nothing for most people.
  • Post-hoc storytelling.
  • It's nearly impossible to fix this.
  • Behavior 101: people do things for their own reasons.
  • Most people are benevolent because it makes them feel good.
  • We have to stop believing things that keep us safe.
  • Most people avoid controversy.
  • When dealing with people in a position of power, understand we are drawn to them.
  • People in power usually end up moving toward psychopathy.
  • It's hard to be high in control and high in sacrifice element.
  • To give at the expense of yourself is rare.
  • Giving from abundance is not a sacrifice. It's not benevolent in its true sense.
  • Relationships are built on deep friendships.
  • Life is work. Relationships are harder work.
  • We're emotional beings.
  • "Why does someone treat me the way they treat me? Because they can."
  • A lot of people farm out their destiny to other people, which is why they don't go anywhere.
  • I can't make you feel a certain way.
  • No. You feel that way.
  • Most people live in a "deserve" world. Change it to "desire."
  • Requests. Negotiations. Requirements.
  • Usually, we have requirements couched as requests.
  • If you don't love yourself, you'll do what you don't want for fear of repercussions.
  • Hope. Make. Imagine. Doubt.
    • "Hope and doubt don't do. They're passive emotions."
    • "Make and imagine are visionaries. They're active."
  • Passive people keep it going.
  • Predictable pain vs. unpredictable peace.
  • Romanticism. Dogmatism. Materialism.
  • When you're on a mountain, you're surrounded by valleys.
  • The reason you hire people who do nothing is because of how you feel about yourself.
  • Big entities want to save time, not money.

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