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Dr Tony Alessandra, The Doctor of DISC

Posted by Wes Schaeffer | October 30

Read your prospects to sell how they want to buy

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Sales Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • DISC and many other assessments
  • Four basic patterns of behavior
    • Dominant
    • Interacting / Influencing
    • Steady / Amiable / Relator
    • Conscientiousness / Cautious / More of a thinker or analytical type
  • Personal development, team building, leadership development, sales effectiveness, selection of job hires / candidates, etc.
  • DISC Fitness System at Assessments 24x7
    • Benchmark: 
      • The job
      • The ideal candidate
      • What you're shooting for in a new hire
    • Match candidates against the benchmark
  • There is a simplicity and practicality in DISC
  • Other tools like MBTI are great for internal assessments but it can be confusing and often needs an expert to interpret them
  • DISC gives you two basic scores
    • Personal
    • Adapted: how I behave when I'm with others and have to change my pattern to reduce conflict
  • Carl Yung in 1927 wrote "Psychological Types"
  • "The Emotions of Normal People"
  • "Professor Marston and the Wonder Women"
  • Look at characters in the public domain to understand how to identify and anchor the concept of DISC profiles in sales
    • "The Odd Couple" was a classic with only two characters who clashed between "I" and "C"
    • "Seinfeld"
      • Jerry - "S"
      • Elaine - "D" and some "I"
    • Famous people can fall out of favor so he doesn't use them any longer in his books and training
    • So use historical characters who are dead with no baggage
  • In sales get the customer talking more than you with open ended questions
    • Make two either-or decisions as they talk
      1. Are they more open or guarded?
      2. Are they more direct or indirect?
    • Direct but guarded = D
    • Direct but open = I
    • Indirect and open = S
    • Indirect and guarded = C
    • If they're open then start with more chit-chat
    • If they're guarded then get to the point
    • If they're direct then move faster
    • If they're indirect then move slower
  • He sold door-to-door during the summers in New Jersey while in college
    • He had a 3-ring binder and flipped through it
    • He wouldn't pick up the hint when people wanted to slow down or speed up
  • How to handle a High D
    • It's a bit difficult
    • They want to run the show
    • If you butt heads it could be the end
  • How to handle High S's and C's (indirect and slower-paced)
    • Information-driven (C more so)
    • The S likes to get others involved while the C may make the decision on their own 
    • Go in prepared
    • Understand their needs
    • Give them options
    • Give them data and documentation
    • The "Cs" want to sleep on it
    • Clarify with them "Do you have all the information you need to make a decision?"
    • Have an agenda and cover it with them up front
    • Don't wing it
    • Admit when you don't know
  • Task-oriented: D & C
    • C's are slower and like data more
    • D's are risk takers
    • C's want all the options
    • D's want a couple of options
  • Relation-oriented: I & S
  • S vs C
    • Both procastinate
    • S's procrastinate getting started
    • C's procrastinate finishing
  • The three V's
    • Verbal
    • Vocal
    • Visual
  • Take his Sales IQ assessment—48 questions
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