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Trial Attorney Turned Persuasion Trainer, Robbie Crabtree

Speak, Sell, and Persuade As Your Life Depended On It


Persuasion Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Learn to be persuasive and make every sale from a trial lawyer
  • Facts, evidence, logic, and reason are not enough to move people
  • Game theory
  • Persuasive techniques
  • "Why was I wrong?"
  • How to dig in and do a deep dive into yourself to find your weaknesses
  • Persuasion vs. Manipulation

Apply To Work With Wes

  • Do you need to be a showman?
  • Took probably 10 cases to really learn how to use emotion to win a case
  • It's a "1-2 punch" to use facts and emotions together
  • By 20 cases he was a master
  • You have to get in and mix it up
  • Step into the arena
  • It's the heat of battle that solidifies your learning
Get comfortable being uncomfortable."
  • You refine through the time in the arena
  • Test your ideas
  • Practice your pitches
  • Have someone review your work and help you tweak it
  • Pick one person in the audience and look at them and really go deep into your connection with them
  • Find someone fairly warm to you already in a big room
  • Take that friendly face to make eye contact
  • What are the outcomes/directions this call can go?
Join The Club
  • Get that person to do what you want everyone to do
  • That one person will validate your effort
  • He tends to stay away from the grumpy member in the audience
  • Do your research so you know who makes the decisions so you know where to focus your energy
  • Look for cues
    • Who is paying the most attention? They might be your advocate.
    • He looked to convince one person 100% of the way on the murder trial
    • Nodding, leaning in, etc.
  • Make them laugh
  • Connect with them
  • Make them cry if the situation calls for it
  • Turn your camera on and go
  • Find a mastermind group
  • Create a mastermind group
  • Join Toastmasters
  • Go live on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook...get practice!
  • Winging it versus scripting your session
  • Outlines and frameworks with "buckets"
  • Read the room
  • Keep your language and sentence structure simple to create flow and make it easy for our audience to follow along and connect
  • Seek to have your message land vs. coming across as "eloquent"
  • Embrace the pressure
  • You're not talking to a camera, you're talking to a person
  • Be prepared but not robotic
  • People are using the word "authentic" in an in-authentic way
    • It's a shield not to improve
    • It's a shield to not grow
  • Geared towards good to great speakers and sales leaders
  • Persuasion vs. Manipulation vs. Coercion
  • Slides can help your audience remember
  • Extemporaneous speaking vs. rehearsed, which is most impactful.

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