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Lee Carter Explains How To Persuade & Convince When Facts Don't Matter

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It's Not What You Say, It's What They Hear

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • You can bee too authentic
  • If they can't hear you, it's not their fault
  • We're emotional creatures and want to connect
  • What's your objective?
  • Be honest with yourself. Are you looking to just get your friends to agree with you? That's not persuasion.
  • We are all empathetic other than sociopaths, narcissists, etc.
  • "Active empathy" is putting yourself in their shoes
  • It's not about you
  • Understand why they believe/feel/do
  • "Empathy is not an endorsement"
  • Culture today has us tribal and entrenched
  • This is not new
  • We're predisposed to ignore things that we disagree with
  • Get clear on your target audience to inject yourself into the conversation
  • Once you understand this then create your "Master Narrative" and frame it around them
  • Then maybe have three supporting points
  • Create a visual to make your message stick

Eat This To Sell More

  • Trump said he would "build a wall." That's visual language.
  • Most decisions happen after you leave
  • What's your higher-order narrative that's above the facts, then support it with your three points
  • Find what's true to you and repeat it over and over like Trump's "Make America Great Again"
  • Live it. Breathe it. Own it.
  • Become known for it.
  • You need to become nauseous from your message before you change it
  • Talk to your ideal people to perfect your message
  • It's not what you say, it's what they hear
  • Make them pause. More than facts.
  • Tell stories
  • It's hard to argue with a story but have the facts to back it up
  • When to create a new category and when to thrive in an existing category
  • The message is still the message
  • The medium is not the message
  • You only have a few words to get your point across
  • You must be consistent
  • Show up big or don't show up at all
  • Focus. Repeat. Do the right things.
  • Have a plan and execute.
  • People need to hear your message at least seven times

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