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How To Build New Habits To Become More Persuasive, Dr Susan Weinschenk

Can I eat it? Can I have sex with it? Will it kill me?

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Sales Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • Humans are predictable and complicated
  • Great salespeople are good with human behavior and psychology
  • You may have an intuitive sense and are unconsciously competent
  • Humans follow rules of thumb, "heuristics"
    • We don't want to think too much and that's a good thing
    • The human brain only has access to so much glucose so it works to conserve energy
    • Can I eat it? Can I have sex with it? Will it kill me?
  • Look at habits: physical and mental
    • Conditioned responses
    • Easy to create a habit
    • When you react to a stimulus a bit of dopamine is released
    • Take an existing habit and make that response the stimulus for the new habit
    • It has to be something easy
    • Remove the nerves
    • Maybe the first habit is to remove the nerves
  • The more you know about yourself the better the engagement will go
    • Breathe to calm yourself
    • Maybe you need to increase your energy to increase your focus
    • Become more self-aware
    • Detach and notice what went well
    • Have a routine
    • Fear and hope
    • Authenticity helps
  • Millennials don't care how you look just bring authenticity
  • Habit or value-based buying decision
    • There are different parts of the brain that make these decisions
    • They are mutually-exclusive
    • If they are buying out of habit DO NOT introduce anything new to them
    • If they are making a value-based buying decision, help them become confident
      • A single neuron fires to make this happen
      • Give them enough information, but not too much
    • Get the indications from them to determine their confidence
    • ASK THEM! Ask better questions!
    • Close first, then present!
  • One tip: identify one habit you have that is preventing you from having success

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