How Not To F-Up AI & CRM by Michael Hudlow

Find the Right Mix of AI + Human Intelligence To Thrive In Business

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00:00 Introduction and Writing a Book on AI
01:49 The Use of AI in Writing and Grammar Checking
04:44 The Importance of Human Interaction in Business
09:11 The Risks and Benefits of AI
21:58 The Need for a Policy on AI Use in Companies
24:47 The Potential of AI to Fix Everything
29:38 The Misuse of AI in Spamming and the Need for Responsible Practices
38:56 Navigating the AI Landscape: Practical Advice for Companies and Individuals

Michael Hudlow returns to discuss the use of AI in CRM systems. We get into Michael's experience writing a book on AI and how he used AI tools in the process.

We also touch on the importance of human interaction—SHOCKING!—in business and the potential risks and benefits of AI.

Michael explains how AI can be used in CRM systems for the automation of emails, live account insights, lead conversion, lead scoring, and customer retention.

He also emphasizes the need for companies to have a policy on the proper use of AI.

Like anything, you gotta ask the right questions when implementing any tools into your business, ESPECIALLY AI tools.

Since all marketers are liars, we have to discuss the misuse of AI in spamming and the need for responsible AI practices.

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  • Amazon asks if you used AI to write your book

  • AI is great for grammar-checking

  • The value of AI, sales, consulting, etc., is in asking the proper question

  • The improper setting of expectations…

AI is not truly intelligent.

Michael Hudlow

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