Welcome to the last hard quarter of your career.

The purpose of 12 Weeks To Peak™ is to make you a focused, well-rounded, goal-achieving professional salesperson, sales manager, business owner, or entrepreneur.

You need to start 12 Weeks To Peak™ if you:

  • do not know how you will hit your sales goals this quarter...

  • are not happy with what you see in the mirror...

  • have a stack of sales, marketing, persuasion, negotiation, copywriting, leadership, fitness, exercise, and diet books on your shelves that you have not read...

  • are paying for masterminds you do not attend...

  • pay for programs and courses you do not complete...

  • are unhappy, dissatisfied, frustrated, upset, concerned, or angry about how things are going in your life...

  • and you know you need a reset before this rut in which you find yourself turns into a ditch.



There is nothing on this page to buy.

You may begin, engage, and complete 12 Weeks To Peak™ for free, forever.

So relax, okay?

Good. Let's proceed...







If you're searching for a weekend warrior or tough-spartan-mud thing you can do with your buddies and collect a medal or a headband to set on your bookshelf to prove to yourself that you "have what it takes," go ahead and click away now.

If you're wanting to join some secret handshake syndicate or a good-ol'-boys club that launches you to 7-figures and beyond just because you could front the fee...you'll be disappointed.

This program can change all aspects of your life because…

  • it is well-rounded...

  • comprehensive…

  • leaves no room for confusion or doubt...

  • is simple but not easy...and

  • can only be started—and completed—when you accept that the excuses—and the answers—lie within.

Will you get in better shape and have a stronger physique that you are proud of in the end? Oh Yeah!

Will you have a healthier bank account when you're done? Assuming you don't have a spending problem, yes.

Will you have more insight into and confidence in your sales and marketing processes that you can repeat quarter after quarter for years to come to create predictably profitable pipelines that produce preposterous profits? Hell yes!

But hear me out...

The outward changes you'll see physically are the smallest, least significant benefits you'll realize as a result of completing 12 Weeks To Peak™.

Sure, we always say that our health is important, and it is, but look around. We, and our friends and family, are not getting enough sleep, not drinking enough water, we're ingesting way too much caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and junk food, not getting enough RED MEAT, we move too little, scroll too long, and sit on our asses even longer.

Yet despite getting all of that behind us, the other benefits you'll get from 12 Weeks To Peak™ will far surpass the health and wellness aspect of the program.

As you scroll through the details below, remember that.

This is not a "turkey trot" or "fun run."


Dominate Your Health, Wealth, Present, and Future in 12 Hard Weeks

Did you know that pilots don’t get airsick and drivers don’t get car sickness? Do you know why that is?

Because they're in control.

Flying, driving, and plodding through life can make you sick as a dog when you have no control over the direction, the speed, the route, or the destination.

It's that "anywhere the wind blows me" attitude that is sucking your soul from your body and driving you to dull the pain with pot, porn, and playoffs.

You binge on the things that are bad for you because you are convinced, "What's the use?"

This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • You stay up late binging shows and eating junk, so you sleep like crap.

  • You sleep like crap, so you don't wake up on time.

  • You don't wake up on time, so you eat more junk, skip the gym, and race off to work.

You have no control over your quota or your vendors or your supply chain or your "worthless staff," or your "greedy boss," or your "stupid customers," so goof off at work, eat even more junk, miss an important email, sleepwalk through your key meetings, and just like clockwork, your business life sucks as bad as your health and fitness.

The more you try to distract yourself with pot, porn, playoffs, and social proof, you get even more down on yourself because EVERYONE ELSE sure seems happy, successful, and fulfilled, so clearly, something must be wrong with you.

So you buy another "Amazon bestseller," attend another conference, join another Facebook group, plop down half a lung on a mastermind...but they're all just filler...like a big tub of buttery, salty popcorn at the movies...they look, sound, and smell good at first...but halfway through, you know you made a mistake.

So the cycle persists...and accelerates...and intensifies...

I know.

How do I know how to describe this so thoroughly...so realistically...as if I were your twin or your guardian angel?...

Because I've walked many miles in the shoes you're wearing now.

For years, I went through the motions...

Making decent money in sales, but not being in control of my life...

Losing in investment deals because I thought others had some magic touch that I didn't...

Treading water in business because I had no goals, no plan, no big picture...

Going through the motions in the gym because I had no drive...

Putting on weight because food was a fun distraction...

Kicking the tires of various courses and memberships to try and find my way...but I'd lose focus and motivation...

Despite knowing I was not unique in any of these failings, I still felt like a loser.

Then, my USAFA classmate, who had cross-commissioned into the Navy to spend over 20 years as a SEAL, invited me to swim 3.5 miles across Tampa Bay to raise money for the Navy SEAL Foundation.

After agreeing to join him on the swim, I realized something I should've thought of first: I had never done an open water swim...and 3.5 miles was far. Like, really far.

But in training for, nearly failing, then completing that challenge—and repeating it for seven years, including doing it in 2021 with no training because all of the pools I had access to were closed due to dipshits afraid of COVID—I realized that we all suffer from ADD: Adventure & Discipline Disorder.

We lack adventure and the discipline to prepare ourselves to take on meaningful adventures in our business, personal, physical, emotional, and spiritual lives.

This brings us to this page, this program, today...

I've decided to grab the bull by the balls horns...

You may be asking who I am.

My name is Wes Schaeffer.

I'm an entrepreneur who built a 6-figure residual income while working from home despite having seven kids and a dog running around like crazy—although my wife of 27 years, who has stayed home to manage this chaos, has played a major role in keeping this household together.

I am also an Air Force veteran, recruited D1 football player, podcast host, author, and a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

But I've had to learn everything the hard way, which is what makes me a great guide/mentor/coach/trainer/ass-chewer for you.

You see, since starting The Sales Whisperer® in 2006, helping over 2,355 entrepreneurs in 28 countries grow their sales without growing their staffs, conducting over 635 interviews for The Sales Podcast and over 50 for The CRM Sushi Podcast, and speaking on stages around the world, I've been given a unique insight into how to succeed in the four main pillars of life, namely, faith, family, fitness, and finance.

Many in the media, on college campuses, and in the big companies dependent upon government contracts, grants, and even kickbacks will not like what I discovered.

The key is to become tough. To become tough, you must be disciplined. To become disciplined, you must accept responsibility for everything in your life, from your bank account balance, your relationships, your anger at or confusion with God, and your ever-expanding waistline.

When you are tough, you can succeed at anything you put your mind to.

When you commit to doing tough things, you become tough just by stepping into the arena.

When you complete a tough task, you officially become tough.

This is why I've created this program I call 12 Weeks To Peak™

That's me completing my first Tampa Bay Frogman Swim,
and during a recent photo shoot in the suit I wore to my son's wedding and my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi. I wanted to quit during the first five minutes of my first swim.I panicked...but I pushed through it. Now I can swim 3.5 miles with no training. Ditto for my first one...two...three Jiu-Jitsu tournaments. The mental component of battle, i.e., the will to win,is 100x more important than the physical ability to compete...But you will become both physically and mentally stronger in just 12 weeks,and you'll stay stronger as a result.


12 Weeks To Peak™ is the only program that can permanently alter the trajectory of every aspect of your life...

  • from how you sell to

  • how you market to

  • how you lead to

  • how you negotiate to

  • how you exercise to

  • how you sleep to

  • how you prepare to do anything and everything because the discipline you will develop along with the mental toughness of this multi-faceted program will give spill over into everything you do in life...

And it will serve you for life.

Because once you become tough, you will always know you are tough...

You will always know how to dig deep, compete, and complete whatever comes your way.

The 12 Weeks To Peak™ program will prove to you that you are someone known as...


You will learn that the ability to take control of every aspect of your life has always been within your control...

You just need to prove it to yourself...by starting, PRECISELY following, and completing this program, with no excuses, no shortcuts, no pity party...and your entire life will be changed, for the better, forever.

  • You will know how to excel at work and make the changes you've been afraid to make to grow to your full potential

  • Think, move, and act with complete confidence in all areas of your life

  • Control yourself so you are focused, effective, and efficient throughout your days, every day

  • Break down the walls and barriers that have kept you apart from the most important people in your life

  • Remove the dependencies you've used as crutches so you can set bigger goals and surpass them on your own

  • Totally upgrade and reinvent the way you think, move, and act

  • Discover how to hold yourself accountable without being your own worst critic so you can seek and expect progress, not perfection

  • As you transform your mind, your business, your finances, and your health, you'll find yourself in simultaneously in the best mental, financial, emotional, and physical shape of your life

First, it will feel like a sacrifice.

Then it will feel like a grind.

Then it will feel like living.

Then it will be freedom.

Start & finish for free. No payment required.

Take a moment and allow yourself to dream. What would you pay to fit into the pants you wore in 2014? What would you pay to have the confidence and the ability to jump in the water and swim 3.5 miles or run a 10k with your family tomorrow? What would you have to pay to have a proven, profitable pipeline running in your business this quarter and every quarter that you choose to be in business for the rest of your life?

If I can help you achieve results like that and beyond via 12 Weeks To Peak™... just let that sink in... how different—and better—every piece and part of your life will be.

Every hour of every day, "goo-roos" land new customers—sometimes paying thousands of dollars—knowing they are giving them at best a quick fix, at worst, nothing more than a dopamine boost.

Being in the online/e-commerce/internet marketing space since 2007, I've seen this up close and personally too many times than I can count, and it has always bothered the crap out of me...

12 Weeks To Peak™ will help you heal yourself because the answer lies within, you just need to be given the roadmap, support, encouragement, and confidence that you can change your health, wealth, fitness, and finances in one business quarter.

If you start today, you'll be able to fully participate in 12 Weeks To Peak™ for all 12 weeks for free...


"Hold on, Wes...what's the catch? Why would The Sales Whisperer® not charge for what he's selling? What's the catch?"

Here's the "catch"...

I have money in the bank.

I have more coming in.

I have three kids who have graduated college. I have one about to graduate with her teaching credentials, another one just starting college, one in high school, and my 9-year-old daughter still at home, and my third grandchild is due this year.

I train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu six days a week.

My wife has been a stay-at-home mom for 27.5 years.

I want to do something that "makes a dent in the universe," and I know 12 Weeks To Peak™ will enable me to do that by helping you make the changes in your life that you know you've needed for a long time.

When you and 100...and 1,000, and 10,000 people like you complete 12 Weeks To Peak™ and have the results to show for it in the form of more peace and joy in your life, better health, more confidence in your business, a solid sales pipeline, and the confidence to zag when everyone else is zigging, people will ask you for your "secret."

When they do, you'll direct them here...

...and they'll have no excuse not to follow your example because money won't be an obstacle.

And when they find this program...and they like it...and see my name...they'll Google me...they'll see my on-demand sales programs...my live sales programs...my keynote speaking section...my CRM sales and training sections...and they'll reach out to me to discuss...and some will buy from me...because they'll already know, like, and trust me.

That's the only "catch," if you can call it that.

But just because something doesn't require cash up front doesn't mean it's free.

You will be fully invested. This will require you to dig deep. To commit. To focus. To think. To dream. To bitch and moan. Maybe even whine and complain. Because it will be hard to do. But you're done suffering from ADD. You're ready for an adventure. You're ready for this adventure.


Start & finish for free. No payment required.

You made it this far, and here's what's going through your mind right now...

"This is interesting. I need this. I really need this. This is exactly what I've been looking for. I can squeeze this in starting next week...once the kids are back in school...after the big trade show in two weeks...after Labor Day...after Halloween...after Veteran's Day...after Thanksgiving...after Christmas...it'll be the perfect way to start the new year...after President's Day...after St. Patrick's Day...after Easter...after the kids get out of school...once...the...kids...are...back...in...school."

Sound familiar?

Now, do you know why you are with your business, your weight, your health, your marriage, your sales, your faith, your emotional stability, your joy and happiness in life?

Leaders make the decisions they know they need to make NOW!

You are a leader of yourself, and you lead by example when you join 12 Weeks To Peak™ right now.

I guarantee the benefits of starting 12 Weeks To Peak™ now BEAT THE SNOT out of any weak ass excuse you think you have for delaying.

12 Weeks To Peak™ is not a "turkey trot" or a "fad" or some trendy lifestyle DOUBLE-DOG DARE that all the cool kids are doing on social media.

It's an instrument of intensity that your life has been lacking and longing for.

It's a meaningful methodology to follow for the rest of your life.

It's not a diet. It's not a hack. It's not a boost. It's not a shortcut.

It's a way of living, thinking, and moving that is sustainable because it is effective.

Winging your way through life is fun until the results are lacking, and then things get hard.

Starting, following, and sticking to 12 Weeks To Peak™ will be hard at first until the results are joyful, inspiring, and uplifting.

Choose your hard.

You can cut corners every hour of every day and hope for the best.

Or you can live a life without compromise and escape the Mediocre Majority forever.

You start that life of intentionality and focus today with this program.

Before you start to get cute and creative and come up with 101 things you'd do differently than what I've outlined in 12 Weeks To Peak™, let me just say right now... 

You're being ARROGANT and PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE by thinking you can do things better, which is why you are frozen in place, seeking perfection instead of progress, thinking you're TOO FRIGGIN' COOL FOR SCHOOL.

You may be thinking this program is too basic to work. You'd be wrong.

You might be thinking this program looks too advanced or complicated, or time-consuming to work. You're also wrong.

12 Weeks To Peak™ is designed based on my 34 years of leadership experience, 28 years of sales experience, and 16 years of owning my own sales and marketing consulting business that has taken me around the world to speak, has given me the opportunity to interview over 600 professional salespeople, sales managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs, and supported over 3,000 others in at least 28 countries grow their sales in up and down economies, pandemics, wars, rising and shrinking interest rates, boom and bust stock markets, the birth of seven children, the graduation of college of three, the marriages of two, homeschooling for 15 years, and more.

This program works because it is based on reality.

It is rigid where it needs to be and flexible where you need it.

You can benefit from this if you are a Fortune 100 CEO, an executive assistant, an hourly employee, or a new entrepreneur.

You can benefit from this if you are a salesperson, a marketer, a business owner, or a sales leader.

You can benefit from this if you are an Ironman®, a marathon runner, or 100 pounds overweight.

All of the above is true because this is not a sales challenge, it is not a creativity exercise, it is not an elite Crossfit® routine.

It is an intellectual, spiritual, and emotional challenge that has been architected to push you to achieve greater results across a broader spectrum of your entire life faster and more completely than you ever thought possible, which is the only way you can transition from where you are to where you want and need to be.

Yes, you will grow and evolve physically, but that is an added benefit of how you will grow mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.

But this all starts with you flipping the switch now

This starts with you pulling the trigger and riding the bullet that is not the new you but the old you, which you've allowed to become buried...hidden...secluded as you allowed the noise of life to distract you and weigh you down...

You must slip the switch, engage, and not stop until you've arrived at your destination.

It's time to stop dreaming and planning and stalling and start doing.

Stop starting over...

Start and stick with it to make the TRUE change you know you want, need, and are capable of.

I'm All In and Ready To Start!

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Start & finish for free. No payment required.


Your privacy is secure. I don't share your information with anyone because I hate it when lazy scumbags screenscrape and sell my info, so I don't do it.



You do not need to consult your physician or other healthcare professional before starting 12 Weeks To Peak™ or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs.


I'm almost there...kinda...but...

I'm not quite ready, but I know I will be soon.

Let me see if I can read your mind...You have a lot of good meetings with great prospects all the time. But few of them close. And those that do close take longer than they should...and they close at lower prices than they should...and with a lot more bonuses and non-standard items included. Because you are the "I need to think it over" type, you accept that from your prospects because you think, "Well, that makes sense. I would do the same thing." To get bigger decisions from prospects faster, you must become one who makes big decisions quickly. The only time is now. The only perfect moment was yesterday. It doesn't matter where Saturn is or when the Federal Reserve is meeting or what inflation is doing. Paralysis by analysis is real. You know it's real because that's your life. The purpose of 12 Weeks To Peak™ is to make you tough...to develop the intestinal fortitude and mental acumen it takes to weather any storm life throws at you. So press real hard...the third copy's yours. LFG!!

I'm afraid I won't complete this, and I'll look foolish.

There is no failure. You win, or you learn. Yes, you'll have to start over from Day 1, but that's fine, you'll be more confident and more efficient when you start again because repetition is the key to learning. Look, you're here because some—or many—aspects of your life have turned to shit. Your waistline is expanding, your strength and stamina and endurance are shrinking, your leads are vanishing, your family misses you, and you're restless, anxious, nervous, and pissed off even in your sleep.

Something's gotta give, but it ain't this program. For the first time—maybe in your life, certainly in many years—for the first time you will start something that you know will be hard, and you will stick with it until you complete it. No matter what. No matter how many times you have to start over.

Let's face it, you already don't have time to do things right, but you always find time to do them over, don't you? Then this is no different...until you complete it...and when you do, EVERYTHING will be different forever.

This doesn't seem like a realistic way to operate long-term.

You're RIGHT but for the WRONG reasons! With your current wishy-washy way of living, thinking, acting, and moving, it does seem unrealistic. That's what I told my friend back in 2016 when he was nagging me for six months to go train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with him. I told him there was no way I could take two hours out of the middle of my day to train like that three days a week, which is what they recommend if you want to make decent progress.

Well, once I started, I was hooked, and since 1/27/17, I've trained 5-6 days a week. Now, it's unrealistic for me NOT to train.

The point and purpose of 12 Weeks To Peak™ is to give you the time to master this new way of living and growing and making it long enough that it's a stretch goal that you can be proud of accomplishing.

Once you do that, you'll never look back, and when you do, you'll realize that living how you have been is what's now unrealistic.

I'm already following the alpaca diet and the platinum titanium diamond warrior club, so I can't do 12 Weeks To Peak™.

Come on!

If you're truly trying to eat better, you'll ease right into this program. And if you're already in a mastermind or coaching program or mentorship, how accountable are you to them? What are you really accomplishing, and how much are you paying for mediocre, yo-yo results?

This is a free program with a free online community that will hold you accountable and support you, unlike anything you are paying for now.

How much can I ad-lib or modify the daily steps in 12 Weeks To Peak™?

You do have some control over what you do each day, but not much. I literally got a text from a friend this morning as I was creating this part of the page who just got let go from the startup he was selling for. He said, "I'm built to have a high base...(to protect the family) so I can go out and be creative and sell the shit out of things." To which I replied, "Not the outlier. Most prefer that. But high bases in a recession make the job less secure. I create systems, so salespeople don't have to be creative. They just have to follow the plan."

Your desire to be creative, combined with your rebellious attitude towards following a system and sticking with the program, is part of your problem.

Winging it and pulling it out of your ass is what got you the results with which you're currently dissatisfied. Stop looking for all the reasons this won't work and how you can make it better before you even begin.

Don't take shortcuts. Don't modify this until you complete it. You can do these 12 weeks...but you must do it as it has been created. You're not alone. You got this.

I'm so out of shape...I can't start a physical program now.

Hey, round is a shape. Let's go.

There are no specific exercises or routines or quantities you must complete in 12 Weeks To Peak™. You must simply move for 30 minutes every single day, drink half a gallon of water, and skip the junk food, sugar, and alcohol Monday through Friday.

If you're really in that bad of shape, you MUST start this program now.

If you think you're really in that bad of shape, you need this program now because it's your stinkin' thinkin' that is holding you back in everything in your life.

This doesn't even seem like a challenge for me.

Cool. I'm glad you have your shit together...but when was the last time you really took a magnifying glass to everything you do in life to ensure it can't be improved? You'll love how 12 Weeks To Peak™ will force you to leave no stone unturned in all aspects of your life.

Join me now...and set a reminder to give me a review when you've completed it to let me know how you did and how 12 Weeks To Peak™ helped you grow.

Look, can we agree that you are just making excuses now because you are either comfortable or scared?

Sign up. Jump in. Do the work. Grow. The world needs you at your best now more than ever. Become the best you can be in just 12 weeks.

Start & finish for free. No payment required.