We had a saying at the Air Force Academy that they made us so well-rounded that we were pointless.

That started in 1988...

Now, decades, seven kids, three grandkids, two books, 700+ podcasts, and some gray hair later, I see how being well-rounded has helped me and can help you here in my Inner Circle.

Let’s start kinda at the beginning…

After graduating from USAFA in 1992, I spent five years on active duty in the Air Force.

During that time, I traveled the world—Texas A&M for another degree, South Korea, Thailand, SoCal, the UAE, and Biloxi, MS—got married, had a son, and we were (unknowingly) pregnant with our second son, who would arrive just 360 days after my first, while I was on unemployment in Mobile, AL. (How’s that for an inauspicious start?)

Like I said, I was unemployed when Matthew was born, but that year, a sales star was born.

Over the next 52 weeks, I sold 52 mobile homes and made exactly $100,000, which is about $175,000 today. (Heck, my commissions for January 1999 were $20,000. That’s good money even today!)

Within 14 months, I was given my own store with total P&L responsibility, but the 52-year-old company was going under.

Fast forward a bit, and I end up in high-tech sales out of Austin, TX, where my commissions for January 2001 were $55,000…but the dot-com implosion was well underway, and I had a stressful three more years where I had to endure lots of layoffs, reorgs, and then my final layoff on President’s Day, 2007.

Good Salespeople Always Land On Their Feet

To their credit, my company gave me six-weeks notice because management was comprised of good people, I had been a good employee, and they needed my help at a nearby tradeshow the next month.

Before my severance ended, the former President of my company landed a gig as the CEO of a startup in Austin and scooped me up with a pay raise, and I got to work with a friend and mentor whom he also brought on board.

This is now April 2004, and we have two boys, two girls, and a third girl on the way.

Meanwhile, I’m covering the 18 Western states from Austin, so I’m on the road 80% of the time and literally staying with my inlaws while my pregnant wife takes care of four kids, seven and under!

A Chance Introduction…

As all of this is happening, I’ve got my head on a swivel, looking for what we now know as “side hustles.”

Going back to 1992, I was investing in stocks with a USAFA classmate who was attending Texas A&M with me and then a startup (where I lost my first $10k…ouch!)…then I learned about network marketing…then I got my real estate license and did some fix-n’-flips in Austin…then I built some spec homes (and lost my ass!)…

But along the way, around late 2001, I met a guy who took me to a free lunch event in a strip mall office building in Buda, TX, and that changed my life forever.

The guy holding the event was an NYT best-selling author and renowned advertising expert who brought in 20-30 people each month, fed us the best food you’ve ever had—free or paid—and had a cooler of the best beers ready for us at 9 am—he says “I don’t drink or serve bowling alley beer!”—as well as wine—now he also has whisk(e)y—and I knew I had found my home.

There was just one problem…

The classes he offered—and still offers—were too rich for my blood at the time.

Yes, I was making over six figures and had since 1998-99, but remember, I had a wife, three kids under four, a mortgage, and the classes he offered were more around marketing and advertising versus pure salesmanship, so my company wouldn’t pay for them, and my wife wasn’t thrilled about me dropping $3,000+ on a two-day class about something that simply interested me.

So I bought his books and attended his free workshops when I was in town, and then “disaster” struck.

Right after my fifth child was born at the end of 2004, my company paid to relocate us to California to be near my wife’s family. (That’s why “disaster” is in quotation marks.)

We’ve been here ever since, and it has been a blessing, despite the politics and cost of living, because family (and nice weather) is everything.

The Schaeffer Crew, Nov 2023

Okay, so why was the move a “disaster”?

Because, now, I couldn’t just pop down 35 South for 40 minutes to go to the free workshops.

But where there’s a will, there’s a way.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
~African Proverb

You see, this marketing guru had a genius pricing structure: once you paid full price to attend a workshop, you were considered a graduate, and all graduates could attend all future classes at 50% off.

There were still three problems:

  1. The classes were relatively expensive

  2. The classes weren’t directly aligned with my W2 sales job

  3. He only offered classes in person at the new campus he had started building so that added to the expense and time off of work

That all changed in late 2005…

For the first time, he offered a virtual class.

However, like all of his classes then and now, he limits the number of attendees because it’s not a cattle call with him.

His classes are intimate, for lack of a better term. You are not just a number.

You get to know your fellow students, and he gets to know you. (That’s us below on his campus in January 2023.)

Wes and Roy, Jan 2023

Anyway, he opened up this virtual 12-week class maybe four to five months before it would start, so I jumped on it for several reasons:

  1. It was sales training, which was and is my career field.

  2. It was remote, so that saved me time and money

  3. It was the lowest-priced class—$600 in 2005—I had ever seen him offer by a factor of 4X-5X

  4. All graduates would be considered alumni; therefore the 50% off all future classes applied


So there I was…waiting in a hotel room in Las Vegas on my 26th birthday for the class to start.

Mind you, this was before social media…before the iPhone…before private groups and online portals and Zoom and Slack and Signal and Telegram and Vimeo and all of these on-demand, multi-media programs we have now.


This was a 12-week class conducted via conference call with a 60-ish-page PDF, and the instructor led us through it…

And it changed my life…

And it changed how I sold…

Which changed my life even more.

However, it wasn’t just the material and the calls that changed my life.

You see, I’m the curious type.

I’m the demanding—in a nice, polite sorta way—type.

I pestered Steve, the instructor, with so many questions that he offered a free, private call to me to help get me on the right/accelerated path.

I remember that call.

I had an appointment at Healthcare Partners in Torrance, CA, in late April/early May 2006.

They were a pretty good client—that would soon become a great client—but I was meeting them to discuss their expansion plans and how we could be a part of it, so I was quite unsure about their future…and mine.

I lived about 80 miles from them, which means they were 80 minutes—or three hours—away, depending on traffic.

So, I left early so I could sit still for Steve’s call and focus. Boy, howdy was I excited!

Then my phone rang…

It Was The Best of Calls…It Was The Worst of Calls

Steve was kind but firm, which is Steve’s way.

He asked poignant questions, most of which I could not answer.

He connected a lot of dots for me from the training I had already attended.

He got me excited for the future and…

He made me nervous/anxious/irritated/motivated about the meeting I was about to have with Healthcare Partners.

You see, despite “succeeding” in sales since 1998, there was still a lot I did not know.

I had made good money in sales because I…

  • Hustled

  • Was money-motivated

  • Had good leadership/communication training in the Air Force

  • Had a lot of innate abilities which I could not explain or teach, and

  • Was a “people person”

But I had no system, no process, no procedures that I could call upon and rely upon to stack the odds of every sales opportunity in my favor.

(I do now, and I share them in this group, The Inner Circle…)

But I did not have them then.

So, at the conclusion of my call with Steve, I told him this was the last meeting I would go into without a plan that included a mutually agreed-upon agenda with my prospect.

By the end of 2006, I was one of only three sales reps out of 33 internationally to hit my quota that year.

I also hired Steve as my personal mentor, then I bought this URL, TheSalesWhisperer.com, on Sept 1, 2006, and by early 2007, I was on my own, full-time, supporting my wife and our five children by helping professional salespeople, sales managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs sell more, faster, at higher margin, with less stress, more predictably.

In late 2007, we had our sixth child, our first in California, surrounded by my wife’s family, which was wonderful. Then we had our seventh in 2014, and now we have two grandsons with a granddaughter on the way, and my wife has been a stay-at-home mom and now Nana the entire time.

Why do I tell you all of this when you, the prospect, are supposed to be the hero of the story?

Lots of reasons:

  • I’m tired of the “internet bro” cult(ure) that has run amok lately.

  • Everyone says be “open…transparent…authentic”…so here you go.

  • I’ve never felt comfortable with “squeeze pages” and false scarcity and all of the other scare tactics the “goo-roos” have taught and pushed for the last 20 years.

  • They say, “Look at someone who is 10-20 years ahead of you and ask yourself if you want to be them. If so, then do what they do,” so here you go.

  • I want people in the Inner Circle who are like me, not so I can “control” or “manipulate” you or make you a clone of me, but so I can help you grow your sales, your business, your income, and even your life. How? Well…

You’re never really “in unchartered territory” because there’s nothing new under the sun.

While you may feel alone in your company or line of work or even within your family, you are not alone in your experiences.

History has repeatedly proven that the world is full of misfits and dreamers, big-idea men and women, optimists and doers, i.e., those who find the opportunity in every challenge and are NOT WILLING TO LIVE AS PART OF THE MEDIOCRE MAJORITY!

So, while you may be sitting alone in your daily surroundings, you are definitely not alone, so…

Welcome, fellow pursuer of excellence!

Thank you for finding this group I call the No Sales Wimps Inner Circle.

Why that name?

I’ll get to it later. (It’s a pretty good story, so please stick with me for a moment…or if you’re impatient, you can click here.)

Welcome to the Inner Circle

Maybe I should’ve opened with that, but Ethan Hunt, Jason Bourne, James Bond…they just jump right into some crazy scene, then roll the credits, so if it’s good enough for Bond, it’s good enough for me.

Besides, those are all fictional characters, whereas you and I are real…

We’re real people with real quotas, real fears, real goals, real uncertainties, real ambitions, real head trash, and real dreams

But the world and our politicians and our out-of-touch bosses and our drama-filled, excuse-making co-workers all want to drag us down, but you and I are like Bono and U2 in that we…

“Don’t let the bastards grind you down!”

Which has brought you here.

You’re on a quest…you have an itch you can’t quite scratch…you’re searching…

You’re wondering why the “internet bros” dominate your social media feeds with their $95 haircuts, tight shirts, ripped jeans, in-your-face personality, and cult-like followers.

You’re wondering if you have to be cheesypushyarrogant…to make it in sales.

You’ve signed up for courses…bought books…attended conferences…joined a few Facebook groups…and gotten some results…nothing crazy…nothing to write home to Mom about…

And now you’re here, scrollingreading…and wondering

“Is this dude/group/program/course for me?”

I don’t know.

How can I know? I literally don’t know you.

And, NO, this is not reverse psychology or a “neg” or any other gimmick. It’s the truth.

Allow me to explain…

Anytime anyone asks me anything like…

“Is this car for me? Is this home for me? Is this CRM for me? Is the Inner Circle for me?” the only honest answer is, “I don’t know.”

But if you answer the following questions honestly, you will reach your own truth as to whether or not this program is for you.

  • Are you tired of feeling alone in your job as either a W2 salesperson with a big quota, a sales manager, an entrepreneur, or a small business owner?

  • Do you have a ton of ideas you aren’t implementing & monetizing?

  • Are you out of ideas and getting down on yourself?

  • Do you feel like you’ve lost a step and are worried about falling behind?

  • Do you feel like you’re gaining a little momentum but want to make sure you stay on the right path and continue to accelerate?

  • Instead of a book or a video series or workbook, are you like me with Steve in early 2006, just needing access to the right person at the right time with the right word of encouragement, a little insight garnered from decades of experience, that can shorten your learning and earning curve?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, this group is for you.

So the next question you might ask is,…

“Is this a ripoff? Is it a teaser or loss leader that will suck me in, then guilt-trip me or NLP me or FOMO me into some high-dollar ‘elite mastermind’ to get ‘real value’?”


Look, I love teaching, training, consulting, and helping people like you with your issues, not only business-related but life, family, health, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!! and even faith/religious/spiritual issues.

While I can’t do it for free…

I don’t have to charge an arm and a leg, either, and, like the marketing genius I met in Texas back in the early 2000s, after your first year of membership, which is less than many of his 3-day courses, your renewal is 50% off.

“So what all’s included, huh?”

You get all the “stuff” you’d expect to get in a modern program, which I outline below.

But the greatest value is nearly unlimited access to me. (I know that may sound “goo-roo’ish,” but I assure you, this ain’t some ego thing.

I’m just (kinda) old and have kissed a lot of frogs and made a lot of mistakes and landed some big wins over the last 30 years, which means I can help shorten your learning curve tremendously, that’s all.

My abbreviated CV/resume includes:

  • Air Force officer stationed around the world

  • Formerly held Series 7 & 63 securities licenses, a real estate license (in Texas), as well as life & P&C licenses

  • Top 1% sales in a national retail company with over 2,200 salespeople and was a GM with full P&L control before the age of 30

  • Invested in startups, commercial real estate, fix-n-flip real estate, commodities, precious metals, raw land, crypto, and more

  • Was hired for 10 months to help train 3,000 of Dell’s North American sales reps when they deployed Salesforce in 2007

  • Owned a franchise in CA

  • Closed tech deals with Google, Apple, Sprint, and many other tech firms when I was in that space

  • Survived—and won—an IRS and CA BOE audit

  • Sued a former employer for being an asshole and won in arbitration

  • Married since 1995, seven kids, three grandkids

  • Written two books

  • Been podcasting since 2009, continuously since 2013, with over 700 episodes published

  • Spoken around the world

  • Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

  • HOA president since 2022—MOW YOUR LAWN!!! (No. I’m not that guy. I’m the cool prez who keeps dues low, got two pickleball courts built for free, and responds to people like Lisa, who literally sent me this on Facebook this morning as I update this page.)

How’s THAT for celebrity status, hmmm?

You see, I don’t outsource this group to some assistant or trainee or certified coach or whomever.

I lead the calls each week.

I answer your questions in the group daily.

I share my cell phone and email with you to help you if an emergency comes up.

I really do want to help you grow.

Now, that being said, if you are looking for supplemental content and material to help you sell,…

As soon as you join, you'll have immediate access to:

  • 41 on-demand videos that comprise my Make Every Sale program…

  • 70+ page workbook with scripts, goal-planning, and more...

  • The B.E.T.R.™ Prospecting Flowchart...

  • The 8-page "Questions For Business Owners and Sales Managers"...

  • "Prospecting The Sales Whisperer® Way"...

  • ”Handling Objections" PDF...

  • Call Debriefing Sheet...

  • Fax Memos "done right"...

  • The Sales Whisperer® Weekly Tracking spreadsheet...

  • My Statement of Work template...

  • My Professional Services Agreement template...

  • "Networking Icebreaker Questions"...

  • "Process Before Login" worksheet...

  • Private Facebook Group...

  • Past recorded calls...Templates, spreadsheets, boilerplate agreements, and more you can use right away to grow your sales.

Client Testimonial, Laura Wrasman, Owner, Wedding Guide Chicago

“Wes has become an integral part of our sales training. We met in 2009, and we have been working together ever since. His approach is very straightforward and has really helped my sales team and me gain more appointments, more commitments toward closing, and of course, more sales. I love it when one of my salespeople comes in and says, ‘I used one of Wes' tools today, and it really worked!’ Thanks for all the help, Wes. Looking forward to next month!”

Client Testimonial, Greg & Julie Alexander, Co-Founders of The Alexander House, San Antonio, TX

Greg & Julie got more opt-ins from their speech than ever before. The W.E.S. Method for speakers works!

Tina Finn, Author, Consultant

Client Testimonial, Tina Finn, Author, Consultant

“I would like to thank you for giving our staff some rock solid training and truly "new" techniques in selling. I've sat in front of some of the best, from Tony Robbins to Tom Hopkins, and I have to admit, I was skeptical. Boy, was I mistaken. It was like you turned on a switch, and through your entire presentation, I was engaged. You made everyone laugh, you told pertinent jokes, and you really brought it all together to align with our business specifically. It was definitely more than your typical hype and motivation. It really was a full session of new and dynamic techniques that our staff has put into place, and as a result, we have already seen an increase in sales.”

Adam Pflaumer, President, Electronic Payment Consulting

I wanted to thank you for the instruction and, more importantly, for the results that you have helped me obtain. I have to admit that I was fairly skeptical prior to enrolling in your class. I had spent over ten years as a sales manager and worked my way up to become the president of a sales organization, so I didn’t think I needed your class. Wow, was I wrong! After stepping out with my own company, with what I considered to be a no-brainer value proposition, I was struggling to provide services that literally cost nothing to use and could only result in a desirable outcome. I finally bit the bullet and enrolled in your class. I am glad I did. Since then, I have completely changed the way I approach sales. I went from performing free services just to get a reference to having the luxury of selecting only the committed customers that I would be willing to work with. I have been through other sales development classes, but I can safely say yours is the best. You provide specific, actionable advice for my specific business, and it has worked. The least I can do is thank you. Please do me a favor and email this to your clients and prospective clients. I would really like you to consider me as a reference for your sales class. If anyone doubts that your class won’t improve their performance, have them call me.

Dr. Maywether appreciates the way Wes Schaeffer picks up not only the "big gotchas" that anyone can see but also the subtle nuances, the little things that everyone overlooks but picks up anyway. Grow your persuasion and communication skills with professional sales training, speaker training, marketing, and consulting from The Sales Whisperer®.



Naomi Rogers Twyford has kind words for speaker coach, business consultant, marketing adviser, and entrepreneur Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®.

Frequently Asked & Should Ask Questions

I'm (new to sales/an experienced salesperson)...is this for me?

The Inner Circle is meant for anyone in any sales role, be it inside or outside sales; complex sales or “simple” one-call sales; short sales cycles or long sales cycles; selling intangibles like insurance or software or if you’re selling tangible products like computers, furniture, or swimming pools.

Not only will you learn secrets that will help you unlock your true SALES POTENTIAL, but you’ll also learn how to prospect, connect, and sell in a manner that will keep you energized and enthusiastic while you do it.

It’s a program that you can actually use immediately and stick with and continue using for the rest of your sales career because you’ll be selling naturally and connecting easily with people who want and need what you have to offer.

Can't I learn this in a "boot camp" or "jump start" weekend?

What have you ever learned and mastered in a weekend (other than maybe how to funnel a beer or play beer pong!)?

I pay $159/mo (plus $45 to $90/mo in chiropractic care + $50/mo in supplements) to master Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Wes Schaeffer, The Business Fixer getting his brown belt while his son is awarded his purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

After 82+ months, I realize I've only just begun.

While you may invest more with me in the short term, you won't be physically beaten to the point it hurts to roll over in bed!

You either enjoy the journey with your instructor and your peers as you grow, or you look for a shortcut.

You don't hit the gym on January 1st for 12 hours, and suddenly, you're in shape for the rest of the year.

Likewise, you don't master entrepreneurship, high-ticket selling, marketing, prospecting, networking, appointment-setting, proposals, negotiation, copywriting, inbound selling, marketing automation, CRMs, and more in a "boot camp."

This isn’t a simple booklet or audio series or cheat sheet for selling. It’s an immersive multi-media guide to prospecting and selling optimally for the rest of your professional life.

Isn’t outbound prospecting dead?

Yes and no.

Yes, the old-school pure cold calling has been dead since the internet came of age in the late ’90s.

But in B2B sales, direct mail, personalized emails, customized SMS/MMS, in-person visits, and the sound of the human voice are all just as persuasive and effective as they have ever been...and since the B.S. of COVID and the proliferation of deep fakes, AI, and machine learning, maybe more so now that there is so much noise intruding on our daily lives.

But you have to

A) do it right and

B) research your ideal prospects quickly so you are making an “informed cold call” or a “reasonable introduction call” that makes sense.

That will never go away...but you don't have to be the one who does it for your business forever.

What if I enroll and can’t stick with it?

A) If you have a problem sticking with things, join for the year.

B) The more you pay for something, the more you cherish it.

C) Apply "B" to what you sell.

Whether you join month-to-month or for the year, this program is affordable.

It's affordable on purpose, but it's not cheap.

I'm also limiting the number of people that join because:

  • I don't need millions from this program.

  • I want to know everyone that's in it.

  • You cannot hide in the shadows when it's a smaller group.

  • I want this to be affordable like the course I took in 2006 was affordable.

I'd encourage you to commit to a year of growth and cancel any other subscriptions or emails you receive until you get an ROI from this program, which shouldn't be hard, considering how inexpensive it is for one year of expert sales, marketing, and personal development.

If you are committed to becoming all you can be in the profession of sales, you’ll stick with this course.

Will your training work in my super-special industry or niche?

Are you a human selling to humans? This course can help you.

I’ve used these approaches, scripts, closes, opens, planning tools, and documents going back to 1997 to sell everything from financial services to high net-worth clients to small business owners to Google, Sprint, Dell, and many other large companies.

I’ve sold in person in Washington, California, Texas, Nevada, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Arizona, Illinois, Ohio, Maryland, Hawaii, and a few more I’ll look up later.

I’ve sold over the phone to customers around the world.

I've spoken on stages around the nation and around the world.

I have sold software and landed consulting clients in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the U.K., South Africa, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, and a few more I’ll also look up later.

My point is that I don’t have a niche.

I help humans sell to humans.

I’ve helped architects and chiropractors and attorneys and authors and side-huslt moms and Fortune 50 salespeople grow their sales with the processes and techniques I’ve outlined and gone deeply into here in this course.

What if my company won’t pay for this?

As I mentioned above, in late 2005, I pre-paid for a 12-week virtual sales training course conducted by a sales coach that came highly recommended but I had never met.

The course didn’t even start for 3-4 months, but they limited the class size because it was an interactive course, and since I wanted to get better, I signed up early and paid for it on my own because my company didn’t have funds for training like that.

It was a $600 course, which in 2023 dollars would be $943.24. So, an investment of 2x what I paid for 12 weeks of training and a PDF workbook will get you:

  • 12 months of live, interactive training

  • an on-demand 41+ video series

  • a workbook

  • templates for prospecting and quoting big deals

  • a private consultation

  • and near-real-time help in the private group I monitor daily

Every time I invested in myself, it paid dividends.

And it changed my life.

And I owe no one and no company for it.

Success is your responsibility.

If you place your trust in me to help guide you, I'll do everything in my power to help you set bigger goals than you've ever set before and surpass them faster than you ever thought possible.


If you have any questions, feel free to email Wes at support {at} thesaleswhisperer.com. Disclaimer: What the law requires me to say next is common sense, but common sense is not that common. The results I've highlighted on this page are not normal and may not even be achievable by you. Then again, maybe you’ll have even better results. Every salesperson who enrolls in the Inner Circle will not get results like the stories I’ve shared above have. You must put forth effort and take responsibility for your discipline and focus while enrolled in this program. But you don't have to be a robot, give up your life, and adhere to this like a new religion with your prospecting and sales efforts to see a benefit. If you want results like Adam, Tina, Sally, Laura, or Jeff, you can easily get them if you simply follow the plan I've laid out for you. I encourage you to join me in this quiet revolution!

The Sales Whisperer® Inner Circle. Copyright © 2024, TSW Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

TSW Group, Inc. 39178 Half Moon Circle Murrieta, CA 92563: Wes Schaeffer 714.369.8004

Why the name?

Okay, since you made it this far, I’ll explain the origin of the name of this group.

The “inner circle” is simple and proven. I’ve used it in the past and was a member of one many years ago, as well, so I resurrected it.

Too many salespeople and entrepreneurs get in trouble when they try to be overly creative. If it works, keep doing it, okay?

Besides, all of the other “zenith…pinnacle…apex…acme…apogee…summit…vertex…inner sanctum…lair…war room…platinum this…titanium that…diamond den…no sheeple” names have already been taken.

And the “sales wimps” name has a pretty cool story if I say so myself.

As I mentioned and showed you above, I have a lot of kids, and I’ve been blessed with smart kids, so we’ve spent a lot of time at our local library since moving here in 2004.

Well, around 2008 or so, I noticed the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series all over the house, and I got the idea to create a “Diary of a Wimpy Salesman” series.

I even emailed the author of the Wimpy Kid series about a collaboration, but he wasn’t interested.

Oh well.

So I started doodling and creating little single and multi-panel comics inspired by the Wimpy Kid, but applying them to a wimpy salesman.

I even took a drawing course from a famous cartoonist who helped me come up with the current version of the Wimpy Salesman (shown below).

Sales Wimps Don't Talk to Prospects but non-sales wimps do with the help of Wes Schaeffer, The Business Fixer®

Wimpy Salesmen do not bother themselves with prospecting.

There were several reasons for this, primarily:

  1. I’ve always liked drawing/creating

  2. Everyone likes comics/cartoons, at least the people I enjoy working with

  3. It’s a way to differentiate myself and get through the walls all prospects put up to protect themselves from greedy, pushy, money-grubbing salespeople.

So there you have it.

Welcome to the No Sales Wimps Inner Circle.

I look forward to getting to know you and helping you sell more, faster, at higher margin, with less stress, more predictably, and have fun doing it.

Market like you mean it.

Now go sell something.