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The Real Estate Renegade, Glenn Twiddle, Returns to The Sales PodcastSales Podcast

Why You Should Get Arnold Schwarzenegger To Your Event!


Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast ...

  • Glenn has created a nice 7-figure business as a real estate investor, speaker, and event planner

  • How wrestling and UFC and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can help you grow your sales

  • How Georges St-Pierre can help you grow your sales

  • Glenn was known as a great copywriter back in the day

  • The power of negative preparation

  • Prepare for the worst, hope for the best

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    • Gorillas would rather look at the Apex gorilla than eat!

    • The celebrity rubs off

    • Celebrities hang out with other celebrities

  • “Stop or My Mom Will Shoot” was a “troll” by Arnold Schwarzenegger to get Sylvester Stallone to take the roll and suck at it

  • Glenn’s last event cost $850,000 to put on, and it made $820,000, but it brought him a lot of publicity

  • His first event was 12 people “that I begged to come,” and he made one sale, which was his first 1-on-1 client for about $12k for the year

  • He started this in 2008, and it’s a bit like poker in that every event is another hand…so he pushed his $12k into the next event, and that put 50 people in the room and he made about $15k…

  • With that money, he bought a $10k program and learned how to put 200 people into a room for two days and made $100k

  • Then he hired that coach for his $50k coaching

  • Like a poker player, he goes all in, and sometimes he makes it big, sometimes he barely breaks even…

  • But at each event, he adds to his database of prospects that he can market to, and he closes 5% to 10% of them, thereby creating income security

  • In his 15+ years, he’s only had one big loss on an event, and it wasn’t because of the celebrity, but it was not a fit for the audience

  • When something is free, only about 50% of the registrants will make it

  • Set big goals and put them out there

  • Mortgaged his house to have Arnold Schwarzenegger speak at his event

  • He paid the 6-figure downpayment and worked his butt off for six months to make it happen

  • He was then invited to play poker at Arnold’s house with 40 celebrities, and he’s now done business with him six times

  • Paid 14-year-old Caleb Maddix $11,000 to speak for 90 minutes

  • Get his book, “Punching Above Your Weight”

  • Dan Kennedy, “I’ve never had an original idea in my life.”

  • He now has a staff of 36 people since COVID, and he’s helping his clients do what he was teaching

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