How To Gamify Your Sales Calls To Grow Your Sales With Gabe Lullo

The three keys to effective prospecting in the noisy age of AI & WFH

Outbound Prospecting Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast ...

  • Makes over 7 million calls per year

  • Three types of clients

    • Broken sales process

    • Outside of SaaS, companies looking to start with SDRs

    • New businesses

  • He’s still using multi-media touches but the goal is to get them on a call

Sound Bites

  • "Phone calls are still the most effective channel for sales prospecting."

  • "Personalization is not enough, it needs to be relevant."

  • "Training is more valuable now than ever before to level up sales teams."

00:00 Introduction and Welcome
08:16 The Importance of Personalization and Relevance in Prospecting Channels
12:59 Training and Skill Development for Improved Closing Rates
23:28 Challenges and Strategies in Cold Email
30:12 Being Direct and Human in Communication Channels
35:19 Conclusion

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  • Has about a 17% pick-up rate

  • They leave strategic voicemails, but not every time

    • Short

    • Sweet

    • Personalized

    • No pitch

    • Punchy/pithy

  • He uses a lot of text to coordinate meetings

  • “What’s the best way to communicate?”

  • Gabe does what he can to stand out

  • Contact data is just a commodity now

  • Lots of incorrect data now, especially with WFH

  • Likes direct mail for enhancing relationships vs. net new

  • You must be on-brand, i.e., congruent with all of your touches

  • He offers full transparency and all calls are recorded and notes are passed on to his clients

  • His reps are dedicated SDRs to each account

  • He does offer fractional SDRs, but 20 hours/week is the minimum

  • We must be clear and articulate in our communication

    • 80% of his reps are in the U.S.

    • 20% of his reps are global

  • He is competitive and is gamifying the outbound process

  • He prefers calls over emails for cold outreach

  • You need to be relevant

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