Partner. Pivot. Prosper. Feras Alhlou

From 0 to 8 Figure Success: Join Feras Alhlou's Entrepreneurial Journey!


  • 00:00 Introduction and Background

  • 02:57 Adaptability and Pivoting in Entrepreneurship

  • 05:40 Surrounding Yourself with the Right People and Constant Learning

  • 10:15 Personal Responsibility and Proactive Action

  • 26:44 Challenges and Lessons in Selling to Fortune 500 Companies

  • 28:28 The Importance of Continuous Learning and Improvement

  • 36:59 Hard Work and Building a Strong Network for Career Advancement

  • 48:07 Beware of Shady Gurus and Seek Advice from Successful Individuals

  • 53:14 Authenticity and Listening to the Customer in Business

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When is a great time to start a business? Just go at it! Are you ever really ready?"

Feras Alhlou on The Sales Podcast
  • No plan survives contact with the enemy.

  • Cut down on your Netflix and scrolling when you're young.

  • He got married young in college.

  • He started hanging around with people who were serious about life.

  • You are the average of the five people you hang out with.

  • What are the five books you're reading?

  • Graduated from Tulsa U in 1988.

  • Electrical engineer and computer science.

  • He was not enjoying what he was doing.

  • He wanted to do more work with client-facing types of work.

  • Got into the startup scene in 1998 in Silicon Valley.

  • After seven weeks, he had no job prospects.

  • He wasn't "inspired." His back was against the wall.

  • He didn't know sales.

  • He was handed the Tom Hopkins CDs on real estate. (Episode 115 of The Sales Podcast)

Legendary sales trainer Tom Hopkins on The Sales Podcast
  • His friend/partner both put some money up, and it took seven weeks to land a $1,400 website deal.

  • Feras depleted his 401k.

  • His wife was supportive.

  • It was risky and stressful.

  • It was the dawn of the internet.

  • Small businesses thought websites were "for big companies."

  • History—and technology—repeats itself.

  • AI today is similar to the internet/website development of 2000-2004.

  • Success is not guaranteed.

  • After a couple of years, they got into the marketing side of things for their web clients.

  • Google Analytics was rolled out, so they embraced it early on.

  • This led to being found by Fortune 500 companies.

  • Sold this in 2019 for 8-figures.

  • He's always had business partners in all of his ventures.

  • You have to be clear about your goals.

  • "Life is about growth. You grow or you die." Phil Knight

  • It's scary and exhilarating.

  • You always have transferrable skills.

  • Use them to grow.

  • They messed up their first big opportunity.

  • Alan Weiss, "The Million-Dollar Consultant"

  • If you're new, don't worry about pricing. Go sell. Get business. Get some clients. Get some revenue. Get some logos. Get some evangelists.

  • You're always bad at something new, but anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.

  • Make sure you have happy clients.

  • Feras had the business discipline and experience to help formalize their planning and goal-setting.

  • Analyze your losses as well as your wins.

  • Soft on people, firm on issues.

  • Learn from the past.

  • Eisenhower, "The plan is nothing. Planning is everything."

  • The problem today is there are too many resources, so it's distracting for younger generations.

  • There are feelings of inadequacies amongst many of us due to FOMO.

  • Be careful who you listen to and who you get your advice from.

  • Learning is more important than earning in the beginning.\

  • Your network is vital. Nourish your key relationships.

  • Be trustworthy and reliable. People remember this.

  • Founder of AirBnB worked from 8 am to midnight, seven days a week for months, which gave them the foundation.

  • You must master marketing and persuasion and influence.

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