The (Crappy) Influence of Scientology on the Coaching World: Benjamin John

Pay attention to red flags and trust your intuition when something feels wrong.

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00:00 Introduction and Welcoming
09:57 Deceptive Practices and Manipulation in the Coaching Industry
25:58 Vulnerability and Manipulation during Uncertain Times
34:18 Using Immature Strategies in Business and Sales
45:43 Leaving a Misguided Mentorship Program
55:58 Trusting Your Intuition and Recognizing Red Flags

  • Former Grant Cardone coach and trainer

  • Tired of the manipulators and internet bros

  • Carpenter for 12 years for high-end homes

  • Didn’t want to do manual labor his entire life

  • Went into partnership with a woman who was like a mentor to him

  • They did an underground black market marijuana business for two years

As long as you're not out here being a douche and you actually care about people."

Ben John on The Sales Podcast

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  • He was shot at and robbed as a single dad

  • He still owns his carpentry business

  • Grant Cardone came into his life when his nephew handed him the 10X book right around the time COVID hit

  • Grant and his people would use NLP and other types of phrases to pull him in and to keep him grinding

They're pretty much teaching business in a very immature way."

Ben John on The Sales Podcast
  • He says Grant Cardone’s entire structure is a scam

  • “Commit first, figure the rest out later.”

  • Grant taught him his “probing question” approach to closing the sale

  • Stop chasing money and deals and start helping

  • He had a spiritual moment that helped him see that the Grant Cardone organization was not good for him

  • He ignored his family, who tried to warn him

  • Get in touch with your intuition. Pay attention to the red flags.

Why are we using middle school behavior and strategies in business and sales?"

Ben John on The Sales Podcast


  • Being opinionated is important as long as it is not accompanied by judgmental behavior.

  • Some coaches and mentors use deceptive practices and manipulation techniques to grow their businesses.

  • The coaching industry can be a scam, and it is important to exercise discernment and critical thinking when engaging with coaches and mentors.

  • The influence of Scientology can be seen in the coaching world.

  • Individuals can be vulnerable to manipulation during uncertain times. Avoid using manipulative tactics in sales and focus on creating a positive and relaxed sales experience.

  • Pay attention to red flags and trust your intuition when something feels wrong.

  • Question and challenge beliefs and mentorship programs that don't align with your values.

  • Seek out new information and engage in dialogue to expand your understanding and perspective.

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