If You Don't Train Your Sales Leaders, You Can't Blame Them: Alan Versteeg

Sales managers are woefully under-trained. Fix that to fix your sales.

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  • If you don’t train them, you can’t blame them.

  • Knowing how to run a team and execute through others is a unique skill.

  • Most companies mess up with their sales managers.

  • Common sense is not common practice.

  • When you focus on the soil, the seed is easy to manage.

  • There are nuances in sales management.

  • How do you hold Primadona salespeople accountable?

  • This is not the natural state for a top performer.

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  • You’re not the person in charge if you’re not careful, you’re just the leader.

  • It’s easy to be held hostage by a top performer.

  • You need to develop bench strength.

  • With a strong pipeline, you can fire bad customers early.

  • You create the environment to recruit top performers.

  • Always be recruiting, even if you’re not hiring.

  • Build your network.

  • Create a certain benchmark for your sales team.

  • Low performers who don’t want to learn must be removed.

  • You need to coach and develop and hold people accountable and motivate them.

  • Alan came from engineering.

  • You’re Born An Original, Don’t Die a Copy

  • Got fired from his first four sales jobs.

  • He was a passionate talking brochure.

  • “Is this a job or a career? How long have you studied for this sales profession?”

  • A great manager has great power.

  • The sales profession is a practice like law and medicine.

  • He changed his meaning.

  • We’re more loyal to our identity than our competency.

  • He gave himself agency to be a professional.

  • He had an internal block.

  • He didn’t respect himself to give value to the world.

  • Selling With Noble Purpose

  • What specifically will change in the world of the customer as a result of your conversation with them?

  • Great managers see greatness in their people.

  • This ain’t rocket science…it’s much more complicated.

  • There’s an assumption that salespeople are incompetent.

  • They’re just CRM jockeys without good training.

  • You have to reverse-engineer success.

  • The tracks of execution are key.

  • Most sales managers are failing up.

  • Managers drive growth.

  • Most sales managers get zero training.

  • “S.P.I.N. Selling”

  • The Pareto Principle

  • Find your blind spots

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