How a Pandemic Pivot Made $5,000,000 a Month—Adam Pisk

The Power of Outsourcing and Global Employment Finding the Right Balance For Growth

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  • He had about 3,500 competitors just a year ago, and it’s growing

  • Now, AI is the big elephant in the room

  • They have never had to do any outbound

    • Some organic

    • A lot of referral

    • A lot of paid traffic—20 years of experience with their other businesses

  • They use AI internally to supercharge the capabilities of their agents

  • They are hiring 400 people/mo and growing

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  • Their AI platform listens to their calls and scores them to help them get better

  • They have a global staff from Colombia to The Philippines to Australia and more

  • Supports about 1,500 companies around the world in about 180 different roles

  • They recruit for free

  • Outsourcing is great when they have something to copy vs. create it from scratch

  • They don’t use autodialers

  • They work from home with a great computer, great environment, earning 20% above market rate, and they like the work


  • Pivoting during a crisis can lead to unexpected opportunities and growth.

  • Outsourcing and global employment can be effective solutions for businesses looking to scale and save costs.

  • Maintaining authenticity and human connection is crucial in a world increasingly driven by AI and automation.

  • Hiring globally can provide access to a talented workforce at a more affordable rate. supports over 1,500 companies globally in various industries and offers a wide range of roles.

  • Clear communication and understanding the business are crucial when hiring outsourced sales agents.

  • Personalized training and avoiding the use of auto-dialers can ensure authenticity and effectiveness in sales calls.

  • Treating outsourced workers as part of the team and providing a good work-life balance is important for success.


00:00 Introduction and Background
03:04 The Pivot to Outsourcing and Global Employment
07:09 Navigating the Challenges of AI and Automation
13:05 The Importance of Authenticity and Human Connection
27:51 Affordability of Outsourcing
29:27 Language and Education Requirements
30:44 Different Types of Sales Roles
33:28 Outsourcing with Existing Processes
35:56 The Importance of Authenticity in Sales
37:52 Avoiding Call Center Stereotypes
39:34 Accents and Communication
41:45 Outsourcing to a Distributed Workforce
44:31 Demand for Global Work
48:21 Treating Outsourced Workers as Part of the Team

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