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Three Classes of Humans | Motion Beats Meditation

Are you an immovable, frozen entrepreneur?

Success Wisdom of the Ages

An Arabian proverb states,

All mankind is divided into three classes:

  1. Those that are immovable,
  2. Those that are movable, and
  3. Those that move.

A favorite quote of mine from the late, great, and provocative (was he great because he was provocative?) Gary Halbert is

Motion beats meditation.

"Motion Beats Meditation" Episode 77

Applying The Sales Wisdom of the Ages

What the Arabians and Halbert were saying is that in order to succeed, in order to accomplish anything, in order to arrive...you must get started.

Do something.

As Roy Williams would say 

Pull the trigger and ride the bullet.

There are only so many conferences you can attend, webinars you can watch, and vision boards you can create before you have to actually MOVE and get going.

You need to create a YouTube channel and start posting videos.

You need to create the Snapchat profile and start posting images and videos.

You need to create your Twitter profile and start listening and sharing.

You need to get the landing page software and start collecting leads.

You need to get the marketing automation software and start dripping on your prospects and clients.

You need to get the email newsletter software and start communicating regularly with your list of prospects and clients.

You need to start learning how to buy and run effective PPC campaigns, including Facebook Ads, Sponsored Tweets on Twitter, and Sponsored images and videos on Instagram and Google AdWords.

You need to create a signature keynote talk and start speaking around your community—even if it's for free—so you can get the word out, refine your message, then scale it.

You need to decide on a CRM so you can collect, segment, and send targeted, relevant communication to your prospects and clients. 

Take The CRM Quiz

You need to start a podcast, write your book, create your consulting package and tell the world you're open for business.

If you were arrested for being an entrepreneur, would there be enough evidence to convict you? 

You need to experiment with all of the above, even if it's wrong.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Take action, even if it turns out to be incorrect, but go full speed ahead. 

Hesitation kills your golf shot, your football play, your military attack, your sale, your business, your income, and your growth.

Listen to your little voice and move ahead confidently and with speed and conviction.

As we say in the South,

You can't steer a parked car.


Maybe the path you're on is a dead end, but time kills deals.

The goal is to find all of the dead ends as quickly as you can so you can find the correct path that leads to the pot of gold.

Not too long ago, I watched—and then re-watched—the entire History Channel series, "The Men Who Built America."

They looked at Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan, and Ford.

These men made mistakes, but they made them fast, they made them aggressively, they made them decisively, and they adjusted speed and direction as needed.

They planned as best they could, understood the big picture, then jumped in.

When you're in the game, new doors will be opened, new opportunities will arise, and new partnerships will be forged because Doers are impressed by and attracted to other Doers.

So take some time to plan. Then Do.

If you need more help planning and doing, contact me now.

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