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Market Like a Man

Proudly display & use this "Market Like A Man" .50 caliber engraved bullet to open your favorite cold beverage to reward yourself for a marketing job well done.
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Get the .50 cal bullet bottle opener and market like a man.

The Sales Whisperer® Way

Kick ass, take names, and garner hugs and kisses from friend and foe alike with the lessons in this book.
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The Sales Whisperer Way

12 Weeks to Peak

Tough guys, self-proclaimed goo-roos, and carnival barkers start with a disclaimer as a "pattern interrupt,"...a type of takeaway close...maybe a form of negative reversing...kinda.
I'm all in
12 Weeks To Peak


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Iron Sharpens Iron

You know that two heads are better than one, so why are you slogging through this crazy world alone?
What are you trying to prove? Who are you trying to impress?
Prove you're smarter, wiser, and have a bigger bank account when you...

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