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Nimble CRM Is on The CRM Sushi Podcast #2

"Social CRM Simplified. Turn Communities Into Customers."

Stream below or right-click here to download the episode. 



What You'll Learn In This Episode of The CRM Sushi Podcast...

  • Nimble is the Social CRM for businesses of all sizes
  • There is no "best CRM"
  • Relationships are critical to your business success
  • Relationships are built by creating trust and intimacy
  • Sales is service
  • Follow up and follow-through
  • Why people buy CRMs
    • Business owners want to keep their fingers on the pulse and their hands around the necks of their salespeople
    • Typical CRMs are at odds with the typical salesperson
    • Traditional CRMs are reporting platforms. "Customer Reporting Management." They are all about command and control and it wastes the time of the salesperson.

Nimble CRM founder, Jon Ferrara on The Sales Podcast

  • The whole point of getting a lead is so you can nurture that person until they are ready to speak with a salesperson who can make the sale.
  • MailChimp to Marketo spread
  • Most CRMs only contain what your salesreps put into them
  • Most salesreps work for their CRM instead of the other way around
  • Send one-to-one emails and collect the open, click, reply, non-reply
  • Marketing automation, CRM, Sales Intelligence, Email Tracking, Sales Enablement
  • Most CRMs are
    • Too costly
    • Too complex
    • Too many tools
    • Silos of information
    • Too much focus on sales
    • Service is the new sales
    • Experience drives success

Take The CRM Quiz

  • Unified customer lifecycle platform that blends social, sales, and marketing
  • Most people need just enough marketing automation to start the conversation
  • #1 Rated in Value, ROI, Satisfaction and Ease of Use as well as Sales Intelligence
  • > 100,000 subscribers in 6 years
  • $25 gives you
    • Sales intelligence
    • CRM
    • Email tracking and templating
  • The #1 reason for CRM failure
  • We don't live just in our inbox anymore
  • CRMs should build themselves
  • Unify email, contact, and calendar
    • Outlook and Google Apps don't do a good job with that
    • Bring all three into one view to save time and energy
    • Use that information anywhere you are browsing
  • Build live profiles
  • Synchronize Tasks between CRM and Office 365 or Google Apps for Business
  • Relationships are "messy" and can cross channels
  • You need a CRM to work across all of your social media platforms to work with you and work for you
  • Put your contacts in the cloud, even if you're a solo salesperson
  • How does Salesforce buying Relate.IQ compare to Nimble CRM?
  • Who's the ideal customer for Nimble?
  • 40 million Outlook users now get Nimble pre-loaded on Outlook mobile to get instant insight on prospects and customers
  • Empower your customer-facing team members
  • Are they an ESP (Email Service Provider)?
  • How do they handle mobile?
  • How do they integrate with Gmail?
  • Do they have a Chrome extension? A Safari extension?

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Insightly CRM kicks things off with the CRM Sushi podcast. Right-click here to download the episode or follow this link to see the video demo.


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