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LinkedIn Ain't Selling Says Sales Trainer Lance Tyson

Manipulate or motivate your sales team 

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • "LinkedIn Ain't Selling"
  •  We're all looking for shortcuts
  • Sometimes it's better to call around and get transferred into the C-Suite
  • Uses old and new tools to reach someone
  • By motivation or manipulation, you'll get your people to perform
  • Make them tough through great training but profile/assess your candidates before you hire them
  • Can they qualify with a swift level of interest or are they only good if you give them a lead?
  • You need to hunt and farm today.

Your Best Day Ever

  • You need to be able to give immediate feedback to your sales staff today
  • Skillset does not equal success
  • Do you hate to lose or love to win?
  • Can't teach grit
  • Motivation vs. manipulation
  • Prisoners Of Hope—POHs
  • Donkeys are loyal and stubborn and hate to lose
  • Our role today is like an information sherpa
  • Consumers reference 3-6 reviews before downloading a free app
  • We're a sales organization before we're a training organization
  • His salespeople need a 3x pipeline
  • Training is important but seldom urgent
  • Assessments are key
  • People can learn to ask questions
  • We can work on bedside manner and people skills
  • Consult first on the team then put a process in place
  • This can also identify a management issue if you have people with good skills that aren't performing

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