From Living In a Van To Balling In Brooklyn, Meet Parker Olson

Why He Left The Retail Food Company He Founded and How He's Reinventing Himself

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  • Young entrepreneur who met a guy in college who was leveraging Twitter to grow, and Parker offered him “all of my savings” ($3,216) to learn.

  • Hated work after college.

  • He went vegan for 30 days and rotated through different diets for 18 months and documented his findings.

  • Started a food company and fell in love with sales.

  • “How do you sell granola mushrooms?”

  • Most people cook mushrooms incorrectly. You’re supposed to pan-fry them on low heat until they shed the water, then you add butter or oil.

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  • He built a podcast tool when he was at Forij.

  • Grocery stores have thousands of brands, and they all must fight for space, and many stores only make changes annually.

  • iOS hurt their DTC (direct-to-consumer) model.

  • He was focused on the distributor model.

  • These grocery buyers have different titles for the buyers across the nation.

  • It’s hard to get in front of decision-makers in a saturated space.

  • He bought a 1995 vintage pop-up van and branded it, and drove around the country in late 2021/early 2022.

  • Content is still king. Get top-of-mind.

  • He was posting on LinkedIn daily.

  • You must exist in someone’s world, which is mostly digital now.

  • He’s seeing ghostwriters popping up a lot.

  • Be a real human to your network.

  • Uses Click-Up to manage his network connections.

  • Be consistent in connecting.

  • Stay organized.

  • As he was traveling on his roadshow, he did things on the fly as he got inspired.

  • Most people respect the hustle.

  • He’d pitch his products on plane flights and swim out to kayakers and record it.

  • “Oh, I can’t do that.”

  • “Please Date My Daughters”

  • Margins are trash in retail, and he didn’t really know what he was getting into.

  • He got interested in podcasting. He lived in a tent for two years while his bedroom was used for storage.

  • It was hard connecting with podcast hosts.

  • So he built a podcast-booking tool.

  • It’s a web-scraper that goes into an AI model, crosses that with his backstory, and creates custom outreach copy.

  • His friends asked for his help, and he started charging.

  • Majored in finance and went into consulting, so he’s not a techie by trade.

  • He had experienced people sharing their time with him because he was genuine and authentic.

  • What are you really afraid of? What’s the worst that can happen?

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