Lions and Tigers and AI Robots...oh my!

You don't want to be Don Quixote or John Henry, so let's roll

I'm perusing LinkedIn this morning, and I see a story about "Mercedes-Benz is turning to robots to handle 'repetitive' and physically demanding tasks on the assembly line. The German carmaker will test humanoid Apollo robots made by Texas-based Apptronik, amid a shortage of 'reliable workers.'”

Sure as shiitaki mushrooms, someone starts whining in the comments:

  • "Henry Ford paid humans a fair hourly wage because he wanted his workers to become his customers. Will robots buy Mercedes automobiles?"

  • "Trust issue I am afraid, just download some disruptive virus or control app and off to the races. No thanks"

  • "I agree with the workers this will lead to automation AI and robotics phasing out humans a little bit at a time until they have no jobs left while the company keeps making profits and builds a workforce that never sleeps."

Let me ask you something:

  • Is the world better off with the printing press?

  • Is the world better off with PCs?

  • Would you rather milk your own cow or swing by the grocery store and pick up a gallon?

  • Should we go back to three sanitation workers on a garbage truck, or continue with the one driver and the robotic arm?

Those who bemoan new technology sound like Don Quixote

Keep on attacking those windmills. 

Maybe someone will pen a glowing novel about your romantic efforts...or compose a song about you like John Henry, who did beat the steam engine...once.

Look, I get it. When your industry, your livelihood, your life faces disruption, it can be unsettling.

But you've heard it said—and said it yourself—the only constant is change.

You should've expected this.

At a minimum, you should not let it get you down.

Like we used to sing during marches in the Air Force,
"Ain't no use in looking down,
"Ain't no paycheck on the ground."

So pick your head up. Keep your eye on the prize.

Turn loose your inner Marcus Aurelius, "The mind adapts and converts to its own purposes the obstacle to our acting. The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way." (Meditations, Book 5.20)

It's hard to do alone.

It's why I created the Inner Circle.

Join today or schedule a free call with me to see how else I can help you keep your eye on the prize and take advantage of the changes headed our way.

Market like you mean it. Now go sell something! 👍 



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