Who Does That Young Lady From Houston Think She Is?

Texas Hold 'Em...Know When To Fold 'Em!

People are spittin' mad.

Pissed off.

Ready to throw hands.

And for a dog-gone dang-good reason.

Beyonce, you know that young lady from Houston, TEXAS?

Well, that little whippersnapper—from TEXAS—has the audacity to...are y'all ready for this...are you sitting down?

Hold on...I need a moment to catch my breath.

Okay...still with me?

Okay, here we go...

She had the intrepidity to make a...I can't believe I'm saying this out loud...in public...

Well, you need to hear this and it's best ya heard it from me...

She had the unmitigated gall to release a country song!



"Well, she's just in it for the money?"

Oh, like Jake Paul and Mike Tyson?


Darius Rucker?

Jelly Roll?

Shania Twain?

Kid Rock?

"Hippie Kenny," a.k.a. Kenneth Rogers, when he fronted for the band The First Edition while wearing earring pink sunglasses and before he became Kenny Rogers and best friends with Dolly Parton?

You're being played, my friend.

Nothing is as it seems.

Country hasn't been country for a long time.

If IBM can get out of the PC business, Kenny Rogers and Beyonce can get into the country business, and McDonald's can get into the breakfast business and Starbucks can start selling coffee instead of espresso makers and coffee beans and Nokia can stop selling paper (1865) and start selling cell phones (I loved my Nokia phone in...2002!!!) and Wrigley can stop giving away gum with your soap and baking powder purchase and start selling the gum!

Why'd all of those companies switch? FOR THE MONEY!

Why are you doing what you do? No, not that whining, bitching, griping part you're doing for free and boosting the algorithms and helping Beyonce's song rise to the top.

I mean your day job. You do it...say it with me...FOR. THE. MONEY.

Want to make more of it? I know a guy who can help.

Market like you mean it. Now go sell something! 👍

P.S. Like Beyonce and me, Kenny Rogers is also from Houston...so don't mess with Texas!

*Image from the Houston Chronicle

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