Dre Baldwin Helps You Work On Your Game

To scale your business, do what doesn't scale


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  • Former professional basketball player

  • Zig when others zag, which means sending personalized outreach

  • Do what doesn’t scale

  • “What is my competition not willing do that I will?”

  • He’s been making content since 2005

  • He has a process for researching ideal prospects

    • Send link to assistant to research

    • Assistant finds pertinent information and adds it to the CRM

    • He then makes the video intro

    • He’ll make 5-6 each day

    • Do enough that you can handle the replies

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  • He was always a salesperson at heart but didn’t really realize it

  • He has a business degree and responded to a bulletin board post “make money”

  • It was an MLM and after a couple of meetings he learned how to disrupt the negative assumptions about making money, which his college professors never mentioned

  • He got into personal development

  • He started selling training products to basketball players who found him on YouTube

  • He only played one year of high school basketball then D3 basketball and made it to the pros, so people started finding him online for his mindset content

  • It took a while for him to realize that not everyone thought like he did

  • He stopped playing ball in 2015 and wanted to get into the professional speaking business

  • He applied to some TED talks and got accepted

  • Then he started writing books

  • Build your own audience and master DTC, direct-to-consumer

  • His mom was an educator who got her college degree when he was in college

  • He was not “found” by the pros

  • When he graduated college in 2004 he worked at Foot Locker store then Bally Total Fitness

  • He went to an exposure camp for basketball players: you pay to play for two days with 200 other players

  • Then he cold-called basketball agents, which was a flip in the script

  • He called about 60 agents and reached 20 and sent them a VHS tape that he recorded and one agent said he’d represent him in late 2005 and got him a job in Lithuania

  • He was blogging and sharing his videos on YouTube

  • He got his experience writing then other players had questions on how to play overseas

  • By 2009, he started thinking about how to leverage this into a business

  • 2015 was his last season and he played with a different team every year

  • Not a fan of the news

  • Don’t follow or associate with the negative people

  • Find your lane in which you can succeed

  • Principles—never change, Strategies, Tactics—can change daily

  • Your mandate as an entrepreneur is to make money, which should remain very clear

  • If you don’t like running ads, don’t run them. Hire someone and keep your eye on them.

  • You can do this with any aspect of your life.

  • You can create content like podcasts

  • Become findable

  • Collaborate

  • Be consistent

  • When it comes to hiring staff, give them the “brief” that needs to be clear and detailed. You need to know what you want.

  • If you’re an expert, I believe you should be able to produce the results and explain it to me, so here’s $100; go make it happen and explain it to me

  • He’s not a fan of agencies…they are looking for their next client

  • Are you—or do you want to be—a top 2% performer? Join his program.

  • Mindset and strategic tools

  • His first coaching client was back in 2015 via Periscope

  • Around 2020, when speaking gigs dried up, he pivoted to more in-house stuff

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