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How do you make money without you being in the business?


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  • We all have limited time and get caught in “busy work.”

  • You create a picture in your mind, and you can’t pull yourself out of the middle of it.

  • Stop being a great technician; otherwise, you’ll trap yourself and won’t be able to scale.

  • Get off the treadmill…stop playing the game of whack-a-mole

  • You must think in terms of systems and processes.

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  • The catalyst for David was his wife becoming pregnant, and he didn’t want to be the dad who missed all the family events.

  • You must think in terms of processes.

  • “Where do we start, and what systems do we identify?”

  • Map the customer journey.

  • Start high level, then dive down to find the pain.

  • How do you scale with your current processes?

  • Your strength as a business owner becomes your company’s bottleneck.

  • How do you make money without you being in the business?

  • Create space first as the business owner.

  • SYSTEMology starts with process capture.

    • Who answers the phone?

    • Who does this best?

  • Most small businesses struggle with consistency.

  • Create a standard of action.

  • “E-Myth,” “Traction,” “Built To Sell” talk about why you should have a sales process…but where do you start?

  • When you layer systems on top of your departments, you know you’re an expert.

  • This book shows you where to start.

  • You need to create the space to allow creativity to come out.

  • Systems lead to creativity.

  • Solve a problem once and document it, and it’s solved forever.

  • It’s a compounding effect.

  • Focus on the 80/20 when starting.

  • You don’t have to document 100% of everything!

  • Tricks to reduce the burden of documentation.

    • Make it a two-person job.

      • The “knowledge worker” does the work.

      • The “systems champion” records the work.

        • For example, listen to the expert salesperson, take notes, feed the transcript into AI, and get version 1 of how to handle a sales inquiry.

  • Once you see the power of systems, you can’t unsee it.

  • To move past key-person-dependency requires systems.

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