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  • David Connors is a 3x startup founder, including an exit to Sequoia Capital, who acquired his outbound recruiting automation startup Automately. He then joined Sequoia and built custom tools for Sequoia's recruiters, investors, and founders.

    He now is the Cofounder/CEO at The Swarm, backed by the founders of Superhuman, Thumbtack, Lookout, in addition to prominent VCs like 500 Global, Contrary Capital, and Sequoia Capital.

    The Swarm is the first “Go-To-Network” platform giving companies and investors the keys to their networks and the relationship data they need to accelerate sales and fundraising.

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  • The significance of customer discovery through consulting services and the benefits of being in the trenches with the customer.

  • The shift in sales strategies from mass outbound spraying to relationship-based networking and leveraging existing trust.

  • The importance of understanding the pain of the customer and being a real consultant as a salesperson.

  • The potential of relationship-based ecosystem-led networking and the concept of go-to-network. The importance of human connection in sales outreach

  • The evolving role of sales teams and the impact of technology

  • The significance of human-centric selling and the changing dynamics of sales roles


00:00 From Australia to San Francisco: A Startup Journey
07:14 The Evolution of Sales Strategies: From Mass Outbound Spraying to Relationship-Based Networking
25:20 Effective Sales Outreach Strategies
36:47 The Evolution of Sales Teams and Roles

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