The Power of Simplicity in Business With Bradley Hamner

Simplicity doesn't mean having just one thing; it means handling things the right way.

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00:00 Introduction and Banter
01:10 Bradley's Background and Approach
04:14 Discovering the Importance of Systems and Processes
07:18 Building an Operating System for Business Growth
08:17 The Dangers of Relying on One Marketing Channel
09:13 The Power of Simplicity in Business
10:06 Transforming Business with Systems and Processes
28:18 Creating an Operating System for Business
31:50 The Pain of Staying the Same
36:42 Choosing Clients and Building a Team
44:12 Being an Entrepreneur and Building Systems
48:59 SEC Football Rivalries

Bradley Hamner shares his journey from being a business owner who was overwhelmed and burned out to becoming an expert in building systems and processes.

He emphasizes the importance of documenting and systematizing every aspect of a business to create an operating system that allows for scalability and growth.

  • “Do not listen to me. I am not your goo-roo.”

  • His father is an entrepreneur/business owner.

  • A lot of things are caught, not taught. He worked hard in farming with his father.

  • Hard work and sales skills worked…until it didn’t…and he burned out.

  • Found himself at a Strategic meeting with a professional athlete who shared his revenues and income and stressed systems and processes.

  • 10X Is Easier Than 2X

The more valuable you are to your business, the less valuable your business is.”

Bradley Hamner on The Sales Podcast

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The quality of a program is determined by who you don’t let in.”

Bradley Hamner on The Sales Podcast
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