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  • How To Recognize and Seize Opportunities To Grow, With Senders CEO, Benny Rubin

How To Recognize and Seize Opportunities To Grow, With Senders CEO, Benny Rubin

From playing music and living in Japan...to sending emails?


Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast ...

  • Music major

  • Studied in Japan

  • Got interested in business and Japan when he was young

  • Played bass on tour during the 2008 financial crisis

  • Social media was really growing

  • He created a platform for artists in the West to connect with listeners in Japan via social media

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  • He became a B2B salesman when he returned to Japan

  • Landed a meeting with an executive at Universal Media

  • Pulled his pricing out of his butt and landed his first client

  • Was fortunate to sell his business

  • Failed at his next venture, but he expanded his Rolodex

  • So he asked what they needed help with and it was cold email

  • For four years he dabbled in it

  • In 2020 he got serious about it

  • He got himself out of the way and brought in staff with strong technical skills

  • He has about 75 current clients

  • He’s not a lead-gen agency, he helps with the technical side of email deliverability

  • There have been a lot of phases in the realm of email

  • Google and Microsoft were very permissive of their email systems if you were a business client

  • Marketo, etc., weren’t too big into policing their customers

  • As email started to get abused, the big providers started clamping down

  • Outreach.io is a little sandbox for sales reps at larger companies to send emails

  • But sending emails from Outreach.io doesn’t affect your CRM email sending

  • Outreach.io has no IP addresses. They are just the interface.

  • Benny and Senders helps replace Google or Microsoft and will often create subdomains

  • Companies like Sendgrid would be used by Senders

  • Email is

    • Domains

    • IP Addresses

    • DNS Records

    • Everything else, i.e., text, copy, etc.

  • He’s more of a managed service provider

  • He found a need and filled it

  • Email is baked into the fabric of the internet.

  • He charges a lot of money to ensure he works with reputable companies

  • When clients notice their deliverability is suffering they start looking for Senders

  • Others notice that as they scale their emails, then their deliverability suffers

  • Maybe they find email-warming software or tools like Outreach.io or they are told to switch from Google to Microsoft, etc.

  • Transitioning can be quick but most of his clients stay with him for many months

  • Could be $1,800/mo to $2,500/mo

  • Go easy with your value propositions in your cold email

  • Under-promise and over-deliver

  • Address their objections before they creep up

  • Think deeply about your prospects

  • “The Bozo Switch” is when you generally agree with someone, but then they say something stupid, so you know they are a bozo

  • Old dawgs can help you in business because we can see things you may not see due to inexperience

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