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Whiskey, Women, and Watch Me! Meet Country Smooth Lori Carcich

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  • Country Smooth Bourbon Whiskey founder
  • America's first female founder and CEO of bourbon whiskey started in 2015
  • Was not a whiskey drinker
  • Wanted to celebrate America
  • Wanted to create a smooth-tasting whiskey that women could drink neat
  • Her husband thought she was crazy
  • She had no experience in the distilled spirits world
  • Spent thousands of hours in 2015 getting this going
  • Distilled and aged in Indiana
  • Bottled in Nashville

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  • Had a business degree with an emphasis in accounting from Fullerton from 2002.
  • Her dad influenced her to learn accounting because knowing numbers is vital to running and growing a business.
  • She had a natural proclivity for marketing and creativity.
  • Accounting information systems was "terrible."
  • But the degree paid off.
  • Worked for a large CPA firm after interning with them.
  • The Enron scandal happened at that time, which helped her see how fraud could happen and how to test for that.
  • Had her first child in 2007, so she wanted to keep working, but not the crazy, hectic hours, so she started her own business as an outsourced controller and CFO.
  • Gave her flexibility.
  • Grew the practice up to 14 clients and two employees.
  • Scaled her hours as the kids grew.
  • Did that for 10 years.
  • Did more business development for her clients.
  • Entrepreneurs underestimate how much time and money it will take to break even.
  • Her #1 mistake was not bringing in an industry expert early on.
  • In 22 states already.


Join The Club

  • She endured a steep learning curve.
  • Her husband drank bourbon, her dad drank scotch, and she loved country music.
  • She and her husband invested in the LLC.
  • Five branches of the military are represented by the five stars.
  • We're fortunate to be Americans.
  • The formulation process took a while.
  • State-by-state licensing and each state requires a different distributor.
  • Dec 31, 2019, she was in five states, then COVID hit.
  • She was doing in-store tastings and concerts, etc.
  • Shifted to digital marketing for about six months.
  • Launched the small batch in 2021 and went after Instagram influencers.
This has been my best business decision by far."
  • Record sales for the last several years.
  • ROI-based business.
  • One metric is the manufacturing costs and percentage of marketing per bottle.
  • She is driving marketing costs down.


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  • Guest Site: https://www.countrysmooth.com
  • Guest Business Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/countrysmoothbourbonwhiskey/
  • Guest Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lcarcich/
  • Guest LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lori-carcich-79b0a9b7/


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