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Jim Brown: Why Sales People Need a Process to Profit

Just because you know your product doesn't mean you can sell it

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Sales Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • Former Marine turned sales trainer
  • Grew up poor so he had to sell to have money for hot dogs with his buddies
  • Was a bookie since 7th grade
  • Talked his best friend's dad into building a wrestling ring in his back yard
  • Got into his college of his dreams but because they were poor he joined the Marines
  • Took one company to Inc 58 status (from $1 million to $11 million in two years)
  • Grew Compendium and sold it to Oracle
  • Got too big for his own britches
  • Sought out to raise venture capital
    • Raised $1 million for a B2C app
    • It failed and it crushed him
    • Didn't pay himself for two years
  • The companies he interviewed all wanted a "good VP of Sales" but they were dreamers
    • They thought they could raise money
    • They thought they could bypass the basics of sales training
    • He hit up five companies to train them and all five took him up on it
  • 10 years ago he had a Sandler trainer who gave him a sales process
  • He landed his five clients before he had the Sandler franchise
  • His sweet spot is technology companies with 2-10 sales people in technology
  • There has been an explosion of software tech companies...but not sales people
    • So they pay a lot of money to recruit these people
    • Or they recruit young college kids and try to train them
    • Product knowledge does not equal sales ability
  • Most companies are under-selling because you're focusing on features vs the pain of the customer
  • Stats show that content is free but only if the prospect knows the right questions to ask
  • When prospects meet a professional salesperson they know it because they ask questions the prospect can't answer
  • Give use cases
  • Negative Reverse Selling
    • Be skeptical
    • Talk you out of buying from me
  • Buyers will let a professional salesperson lead if you have a process
  • Buyers don't know how to buy
  • Consumers are always wary of snake oil salesman
  • Technology companies all have a big button "Request a Demo"
    • Professional salespeople know they must learn something about them to do a proper demo
    • Consumers think they want a demo
  • How do you treat a competitor?
  • What do you say about competitors?
  • How do you negate a competitor without talking bad about them?
  • Turn on your video and have your prospects see you and you need to see them
  • Match their body language
  • Watch your tonality so you don't come across as condescending
  • Use your words carefully
  • Play the role of the dummy
  • Most sales managers believe they were hired to be a trainer but they don't have time
    • Product knowledge
    • Deal cycles
    • Etc
  • Sales reps are more open with an outside professional sales trainer
  • Most sales managers don't believe they need help
  • Usually the CEO of the company hires professional sales trainers
  • You need to understand your buyer profile
    • Acceptable clients
    • Typical clients
    • Ideal clients
    • Why would you tell each one "no"?
    • Tell the prospect that "at the end of this conversation I may have to tell you 'no.' Is that okay?"
    • Own why you would tell a prospect "no"
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