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Meet The Fun CFO, Jen Bro

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Professional Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • It's not how much you make but how much you keep
  • Bring in a fractional CFO once you're around $1 million in sales to make sure you're squared away
  • Around the $1-$3 million point, things start breaking
  • Get things optimized and automated
  • Get the information the key people need to make better decisions
  • Dues and subscriptions are usually killing you
  • They order something for someone who is no longer there and they're not longer using the tool
  • Don't jump too quickly into having custom projects started
  • Doing your own payroll and accounting may not be best for you 

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  • There is so much waste in so many businesses but since it's not the first language of many founders, it grows until it really hurts you
  • Have that roundtable wisdom
  • She's the "fun CFO"
  • Get the live data to know what is truly going on
  • Stay lean
  • Pay for your items instead of borrow
  • Keep your credit card debt low
  • What are the metrics on the mastermind your want to join?
  • Have money to pay your taxes
  • It's an addiction to think the answer lies in some outside mastermind community
  • What will move the needle for your business? Invest in that.


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  • Do you know how to read a P&L?
  • It's hard to lead if you don't know where the money is coming from and going
  • What is your cash runway?
What will move the needle for your business? Invest in that."Lance Tyson The Sales Podcast Wes Schaeffer


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  • Visit Jen Bro to see about hiring her as your fractional CFO

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