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How To Find the Opportunities In The Chaos, Jacques Voorhees

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Be nimble...but stay the course

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Entrepreneur Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Diamond industry his entire life
  • Marketing diamonds
  • Author of "Chrysalis"
  • Working from home since he sold
  • Buying groceries online now
  • Be nimble but also know when to stay the course
  • Diamond market crashed in 1981 due to monetary policy changes
  • He was nimble and retooled his offering
  • Took a decade to become profitable
  •  This is the time for entrepreneurs to flourish
  • Go find a need and fill it


Be nimble...while staying the course."
  • Find the opportunities in the chaos
  • Launching his Museum of Diamonds as a free service during the COVI-19 quarantine
  • Change equals opportunity
  • Necessity is the mother of invention
  • He had no formal education or relevant expertise when the diamond market crashed
  • He stayed the course because he had nothing else he could do
  • Sold the company in 2004
  • Everyone has a mountain to climb, so start climbing

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