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Darnyelle Jervey Harmon On Finding and Living Your Purpose

Set your pride aside to hit your stride

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Former VP of Business Development in Fortune 500 
  • Former Mary Kay—motivated her to seek a purpose-driven life
  • Former Non-Profit
  • Wasn't making a difference working for a credit card company in the Fortune 500 world
  • Exposure creates expansion
  • Dec 17th, 2004 she realized something wasn't right
  • It'll never be the right time
  • Jump and build your parachute on the way down
  • She had to live the dream God put in her heart
  • She started her own business and filed bankruptcy and had to go back to work
  • Her pursuit of purpose kept her going
  • She learned from her mistakes
  • She lives lean and within her means
  • She got clear about what was important
  • We're chasing what others tell us we should
  • Kid from the projects whose parents were both on crack at one point
  • Even "successful" people lack confidence
  • It's seldom a lack of strategy that holds people back
  • She emphasizes God with a spiritual-based focus
  • Name what you want
  • Expose the gap for what it is
  • If God was describing you to His friends He'd say great things about you. Learn to see yourself that way.
  • No victims allowed in her program
  • We beLIEve the lies
  • We're born knowing nothing and we're little sponges
  • We're formed and the roots are planted by the age of seven
  • What keeps us from growth?
  • We think it's better to appear one way than to be curious and let others know you don't know something.
  • Set your pride aside to hit stride
  • Deliver some tough love to interrupt their patterns
  • Get to a quiet place and get clear on your vision for your business and your life
  • Make sure you're not settling
  • As soon as you start complaining you need to look deep and take action

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