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Brenda Bernstein: Make Sales Easier When You Master LinkedIn

About LinkedIn Expert Brenda Bernstein
Brenda was an English major at Yale before obtaining a law degree, but she was always a writer. Her friends would always ask her for help on resumes, job applications, etc.
After college, she began working at Kaplan to leverage her law degree but after 10 years of practicing law, she started The Essay Expert in 2009 to follow her passion.
She became a Certified Resume Writer and is working on her Executive Resume Writer certification and she is also a LinkedIn Expert.

Greatest Sales Success

  • She ran across a guy that was an expert in marketing and he said “give away free stuff.”
  • So she gave away free LinkedIn reviews.
  • After about 25 of them, she saw the common mistakes people make and realized she could use that material for blog posts.
  • Those blog posts were turned into a book and she started charging for LinkedIn reviews.
  • So what was once free is now $197 and that's just the tip of her business.

Rubber-Meets-The-Road Tip

  • Add symbols, lines, and bullets that will spice up your LinkedIn profile.
  • Have at least 500 connections if not more on LinkedIn.
  • Have a robust network.
  • Groups: can be great and overwhelming.
    • Some groups are so large your content just gets lost.
    • She is finding value in smaller, local groups.
    • Some groups are also better moderated, which helps.
    • Do join them and join where your customers are hanging out and post good content.
    • She pushes her blog articles to her LinkedIn groups and it gets traction.
  • Start Groups. It’ll help you interact more closely with the members.

Links Mentioned

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