Oh The Humanity...and Lack Thereof

To make any sale, you must be human

Your lack of personalized, human outreach is hardening your soul, alienating your prospects, making you indistinguishable from your competitors, and thereby destroying your chances to survive, let alone thrive.

But Wes, everyone is using AI and screen-scraping and cold outreach and automation and VAs to scale. It's the only way to grow today."


How's that working out so far?

Well, it's still kinda new. There are some kinks to work out. But we're bleeding-edge with this. We're first to market, so we have first-mover's advantage."

Come on, Man. This is just you and me talking. Cut the crap. How's it going?

"It's a grind. Costs are escalating. Delivery and open rates are crashing. The prospects we do get on a call are cold and distant and just want the facts and our best price. We're trying a new AI tool that looks promising...and we cut a few salespeople...and half of our marketing team...and we have a hiring freeze...but we know this is transitory...things will pick up after the summer...or after the election...or after the new year...or maybe surely most likely obviously hopefully by Q2 next year. No...really."

Based on my email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram inboxes, there is no thinking outside the box.

Based on the crappy spam text messages, there is no zigging while everyone zags.

Based on the state of my incoming calls and voicemails, there is zero humanity in business today.

Based on my physical mailbox, the business world is overrun with cheap, boring marketers who are losing time, money, energy, and sleep with their marketing.

We must enter the conversation going on the mind of the prospect."

~Robert Collier

The prospect is not a moron. She is your wife."

~David Ogilvy

Help enough people get what they want, and you can have anything you want."

~Zig Ziglar

To prove you're different, you must be different in every interaction, which is why I say, 'To make any sale, you must make every sale.'"

~Wes Schaeffer

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Market like you mean it.

Now go sell something.

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