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  • Burned-out trial attorney with his wife.

  • Moved to Korea for one year, which turned into five years of teaching English.

  • Now they live in Thailand

  • Had to create a website for a business he started.

  • His brother was a coder/developer.

  • Opened a coding business in India.

  • The police in India shook down his brother and arrested him, and kicked him out of town.

  • Hemorrhaging clients at that point.

  • Kyle had clients who needed SEO, and he had to learn it overnight to keep the lights on in 2013/2014.

  • Got good at it and started an agency with his Australian partner.

  • Now they have 31 employees.

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  • Law school helped him with analytics and research and connecting the dots, which helped him with SEO.

  • He created a tool to test the algorithm of Google.

  • Nobody was doing this.

  • He created a U.S. Patent.

  • Google doesn’t want to make huge changes to its algorithm.

  • Title Tag, H1, Paragraph Tags (Ptag), and URL.

  • Div tags are nothing.

  • “Google can’t read like a human.”

  • Tools like SEMRush are all-inclusive, whereas Kyle’s program is looking at on-page SEO.

  • He turned it into a Python script.

  • Types of SEO

    • On-page: the words you put on your site and where you put them.

    • Off-page: i.e., backlinks pointing back to you. It’s essentially a vote, but not all votes are not equal. Links can lose value over time, i.e., link rot.

    • Technical: can Google find your site and crawl it?

  • How long should your homepage be?

    • It’s your business card.

    • Use human language on your website.

  • Create your Roman Numeral outline as you create your website.

  • Can you be a bad writer but good at SEO?

    • Just answer the basic question.

    • Don’t get too much into the weeds.

  • To draw an apple, go study an apple.

  • The secret is hiding in plain sight, i.e., study the pages Google shows you that rank.

  • Big guys focus on short keywords vs. long-tail keywords/phrases.

    • The longtail keywords are good for buyer intent.

    • It’s less traffic but better traffic on the longtail.

  • At least quarterly look at how your page is doing.

    • “People also ask.”

    • For example, add to your pages answers to questions.

  • Don’t assume your page isn’t doing well.

  • Look at your analytics.

  • Don’t just delete your pages. Take the time to redirect them if they’re old and not getting traffic.

  • Video is nice because you can transcribe it.

  • Infographics are making a comeback.

  • AI is finding information and spinning it, so relax.

Infographics are making a comeback.”

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