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Meet The World's Most-Impactful Sales, Marketing, & Leadership Speaker

You wear many hats as a meeting planner

Chief Organizer

Chief Counselor

Travel Agent

Juggler / Magician / Entertainer

Chief Appeaser

Your goal is to see to it that everyone that needs to attend your event does indeed attend and is dazzled by the event to the point of complementing you personally then telling their friends, co-workers, supervisors, subordinates, family back home and strangers on the street that they just attended the best event ever!

Your goals are our goals.

Wes has spoken to groups exceeding 1,200 attendees and can help you “pack the house” and create a buzz by hitting the mark.

wes schaeffer keynote speaker workshop-380692-1.5
Keynote Speaker in Tampa
Ontrapalooza Keynote Speaker 2017
TEDx Temecula Keynote Speaker Wes Schaeffer
TEDx Temecula Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speaker Wes Schaeffer at the EDC
Keynote Speaker at the EDC
When you need a Speaker to set the right tone for your sales meeting...
When you need a Motivational Speaker to light up the room...
When you need an Inspirational Speaker to move your non-profit meeting...

Think Wes Schaeffer - The Sales Whisperer®

Contact Us About Your Event 
Contact Us About Your Event 

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Here you’ll find links to articles you can reprint, re-tweet and repeat, quotes for press releases and Wes' Pledge of Allegiance to Event Planners. Additionally, we will send you customized content for marketing your event whether it’s via email, postcards, fax blasts or newsletters and brochures.

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Contact Us About Your Event 
Contact Us About Your Event