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We work with ambitious, honest tech professionals—founders and sales leaders—who want to sell more, faster, at higher margins, with less stress, more predictably.


You can't put this off any longer. You've kicked a lot of tires, kissed a lot of frogs, and muddled through the various "high-ticket-closer" and DFY programs that left your bank account lighter and your blood pressure higher.

How did you wind up here, and why have you read this far? Because now's the time.

Because now is YOUR time.

You are ready to take immediate, massive action.

You are open and receptive to working a plan that is proven to work.

You are focused and determined to grow.

You are ready to be paid what you are worth.

You are ready to be treated with respect by prospects and clients, colleagues and peers, vendors and contractors alike.

You know that without a profitable prospect-producing pipeline, you're just guessing, and you no longer have the time, the money, or the patience to guess any longer because the market is growing noisier, more crowded, and less honorable by the minute.


As you scour the interwebs for growth ideas, you are presented with one of two extremes:


    1. Start a podcast!

    2. Launch a funnel!

    3. Write a book!

    4. Blog daily!

    5. Create Twitter threads!

    6. Start a TikTok channel!

    7. Create a Facebook Group!

    8. Start a newsletter!

    9. Run more paid ads!


    1. A—Always. B—Be. C—Closing. (This is literally 70 years old.)

    2. Make more calls! It's a numbers game!

    3. Send more emails! It's a numbers game!

    4. Focus 80% of your efforts on the close! It's a numbers game!

    5. Attend more conferences! It's a numbers game!

    6. Spam your LinkedIn connections! It's a numbers game!

Your blood pressure is up just reading this, isn't it?

The ironic part of this is that growing your business is a numbers game, but it's quality, not quantity, thus the saying, "Small hinges swing big doors."

What does that mean?

It's similar to "A stitch in time saves nine."

It means details matter.

Growing your sales is like baking a cake. If you leave out just one ingredient, you'll have to jump through a lot of hoops and include a lot of extras to make it acceptable, but it may still end up being a complete waste of time, energy, and material.

That's why I say, "To make any sale, you must make every sale."

Every interaction, every conversation, every time your prospect sees your marketing material, your ads, your emails, your booth, hears your voicemails, or watches your social media posts is a sale.

"Great," you're probably thinking. "I hate doing all of that stuff, but now that you tell me I'm being judged on everything I do, I'll never get anything pushed out because I'll be frozen by majoring in the minors. Thanks for nothing!"

Ahhhh. That's the negative internal dialogue that has hampered you from day one, and it's what your competition hopes you remain mired in for the rest of your life.

That's why I named our methodology the IDSS Training®—Internal Dialogue Selling System Training.

However, since it takes two to tango in sales, you must also understand, know, anticipate, and eventually control the internal dialogue of your prospects and clients if you are to truly master the profession of sales.

To do so requires:

  1. Confidence—in yourself, which is tougher than it sounds, and your ability to help your customers.

  2. An open mind—if you're a know-it-all, just keep doing what you're doing and getting what you got.

  3. No shame—in order to master something, you must be willing to look foolish. If you're hung up on how you might look doing something new, I hope you enjoy where you are because it's as high and as far as you'll ever be.

If you're okay with those three, let's get to work because I'm the rubber-meets-the-road kinda consultant/coach/entrepreneur.

We're going to roll up our sleeves and move forward at a rate that will excitedly frighten you.

I will help you create and deploy a proven process to produce a profitable pipeline of qualified prospects who predictably buy from you on time, at top dollar, with smiles on their faces, and they do so repeatedly while bragging to their friends about doing so.

That's why I have thousands of happy customers in dozens of countries since 2006. I only do and teach things that produce results.

If you are unsure and want to speak with me at no charge, pick a time here.

There's no rush to "close" you or "sell" you, so look around. There are years worth of free content, including:

Welcome, and remember to market like you mean it.
Now go sell something.