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 8 Reasons To Buy HubSpot Here

  1. You pay the same price whether you order from us or you order from HubSpot, and you get more.
  2. Receive training from our team of entrepreneurs and HubSpot Certified Partners who use this Sales and Marketing Automation tool to grow our own businesses, which gives you unique insights that only fellow entrepreneurs and business owners can provide.
  3. Receive bonus live calls and access to a private membership site for life, which is worth over $3,000 if you bought it on your own.
  4. Wes is a salesman, not a Geek. Work with a salesman that knows how to move product and make the cash register sing!
  5. We have Geeks on our team to make HubSpot do all the fancy things you would like it to do.
  6. Wes is a Speaker / Trainer / Educator / Communicator. Your job as a business owner is to promote your business. Work with someone who understands that better than anyone else.
  7. We are copywriters. Emails, web and marketing content. Bring it over here and we'll help your content convey the message you want and need it to so you can make the sale.
  8. Wes is one of the few partners in the world—out of over 2,500—who holds all 12 of HubSpot's certifications. That is no small feat as requires completing each course individually—some of which are over 11 hours long—submitting practicums to prove you know what you are doing, and passing each test with at least a 75%. So you're not getting theory or concepts from Wes. You're getting what works.

HubSpot 12 Certifications Wes Schaeffer Inbound Marketing.png

Additionally, I offer extra support calls and training resources to everyone wise enough to order HubSpot today through me here as a way of providing that little extra something for my motivated, optimistic, action-oriented, non-whining customers, who are the reason I'm in business.

Now that you are ready to invest in professional help to grow your business by ordering HubSpot from us today, click on the button below, complete your setup order and one of my staff will call you to confirm your monthly Infusionsoft Package and you will be on your way to Automate. Integrat. Dominate. Celebrate.

Buy Your Professional HubSpot Setup


Call Wes Directly at (714) 369-8004
If You Still Have Questions

HubSpot Monthly Options

While HubSpot offers many different monthly packages, their Professional Package offers a "professional" solution that meets the needs of most businesses in the SMB space, which is why I recommend most professional salespeople, sales managers, business owners and entrepreneurs start there.

In fact, it's priced $2,000 less than what I invested back in 2008—$5,000 (YIKES!)—to begin automating my sales and marketing, but because I focused on automation back then, I've been able to create a professional business with predictable lead generation, nurturing, and business.

"Do I really need the HubSpot Professional Package, Wes? Can't I just get the Basic and grow into the Professional or Enterprise Package?" I can hear you asking.

Trust me when I say I did not arrive at this decision abruptly. In fact it is based upon:

    • Being in sales since 1994, when I was still in the Air Force.
    • Owning my own business, The Sales Whisperer®, since 2006,
    • Being in the sales and marketing automation space since 2007,
    • Owning HubSpot since 2014, 
    • Completing all 12 of HubSpot's certifications and spending literally hundreds of hours with their support team, channel managers, sales managers, and executives.

Conquer Your Multiple System Chaos and Automate Your Growth

Get The Help You Need From The Only HubSpot Partner With All 12 HubSpot Certifications, Who Was Also The Infusionsoft Partner of the Year, and Ontraport Certifed. (Wait…Infusionsoft? Ontraport? What?)

That's right. I've been a partner of Infusionsoft since 2008 and was certified in Ontraport in October 2014, which was right after I jumped into HubSpot—September 30, 2014.

In fact, here are a few of my accomplishments with these platforms since then:Ella HubSpot Academy Wes Schaeffer 2.jpg

  • Wrote "The Definitive Guide To Infusionsoft" in 2012
  • Asked to speak to new partners at Infusionsoft on multiple occasions to help them launch their businesses on the right track
  • Asked to speak at the annual ICON conference in Phoenix multiple times
  • Named an Infusionsoft Kickstart partner to help hundreds of new Infusionsoft users get off to a fast start
  • Spoke at Ontraport's annual conference, Ontrapalooza
  • Trained the Ontraport sales team on the nuances of SaaS sales, which prompted the founder and CEO of Ontraport, Landon Ray to say "Dude, you were born to sell."
  • Completed all 12 of HubSpot's inbound marketing and inbound selling certifications, which lead to the HubSpot Academy team sending me a nice little care package with little goodies such as a beanie and blanket, which my daughter Ella is modeling to the right. 

It is safe to say that no single individual on the planet has helped more people get started and master CRMs, marketing automation, salesforce automation, inbound marketing, inbound selling, copywriting, and sales training on platforms ranging from Salesforce to Infusionsoft to HubSpot than me since 2007, which also makes it safe to say I know:

  • What works,
  • What fears and concerns you have,
  • How to get the most out of your system without adding on expensive, complicated, and confusing 3rd-party software,

And I'm the only partner in the world with certifications in Infusionsoft and Ontraport that approaches HubSpot from a professional salesman's perspective, which is what every business needs: Sales Growth!

Sales growth is what I offer, which is what you are looking for, which is why I only work with those that are focused on maximizing their growth instead of those that are looking to "not shrink any more."

That's why I decided to move my own sales and marketing automation to HubSpot in 2014 and I moved my 220 page, 700+ post website to HubSpot in 2015. 

That's right. This page you're reading was built and is hosted on HubSpot.

As we say in the South, "I eat my own dog food." Before I recommend anything to anyone, I try it first.

HubSpot is a solid as they come, which is why they dominate the marketing automation space, and it's why I'm confident in saying you, too, will dominate your industry when you get started on HubSpot with me today.


Jennifer Moshier is a successful attorney and Entrepreneur in Scottsdale with plenty of irons in the fire. Hear what she said about the sales and marketing automation consulting and training she received from Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®.

Choose your HubSpot Startup Plan:

The Sales Whisperer®
HubSpot Basic
The Sales Whisperer®
HubSpot Pro
The Sales Whisperer®
HubSpot Enterprise

$600 Onboarding

$3,000 Onboarding

$5,000 Onboarding

Three One-hour Private, Recorded Consulting Calls to assist with the setup of your HubSpot account

A Signed Copy of Wes's Book, "It Takes More Than a Big Smile, a Good Idea & a Twitter Account To Build a Business That Lasts"
(A $14.95 value)

Full access to the HubSpot Support team

One Year Membership in the Marketing Automation Network

(A $564 value) 

Exclusive access to the HubSpot startup community on Slack and Inbound.org
Everything in Basic plus…
An assigned Implementation Specialist

Lifetime access to the Marketing Automation Network 
($564 per year value)

Guidance on creating, maintaining, and implementing at least one (1) inbound marketing or inbound selling campaign

No More Sales Duds access
(A $397 value)
Everything in Pro plus...
A greater level of personalized implementation assistance in setting up and launching your HubSpot Enterprise account.
Detailed assistance on advanced features such as A/B testing, advanced reporting, and event-based marketing automation.

Lifetime Access to "Make Every Sale"
(A $2,500 value)

Access to The Sales Whisperer® Vault, an offer Wes has never made available to the public and cannot be purchased separately.
Start HubSpot Basic Start HubSpot Pro Start Enterprise


 The HubSpot Pro Package Will Empower You To Grow To Your Full Potential


  • Unlimited site visits
  • 4 Subdomains
  • Unlimited Users
  • 1,000 Contacts
  • 10,000 Emails Per Month
  • Content Creation Tools
  • Content Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Email Testing
  • List Building
  • Social Media Suite
  • Marketing Analytics Dashboard
  • Goal-Based Nurturing
  • Custom Workflows
  • Tasks
  • Projects
  • Landing Page Analytics
  • List Analytics
  • HubSpot Connect
  • Salesforce Integration
  • CRM
  • Smart Content
  • Attribution Reporting
  • User Roles
  • A/B Testing CTAs
  • A/B Test Emails
  • Blog SEO Recommendations
  • Blog Analytics
  • Integrated Social Publishing
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Branching
  • Sales Notifications
  • Automation Templates (Recipes)
  • Goal Tracking
  • User Roles
  • HubSpot API
  • Webhooks
  • Social Media Publishing
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Social Media Bookmarklet
  • Keywords
  • Links
  • Calls-to-Action
  • Forms
  • Smart Fields
  • Progressive Profiling
  • A/B Testing Landing Pages
  • Segmentation
  • Custom Lead Scoring
  • Sales Lead Revisit Notifications
  • Campaigns
  • Personas
  • Sources
  • Page Analtyics
  • Competitors

Call: (714) 369-8004

Your one-time HubSpot setup investment with The Sales Whisperer® gives you access to tons of extras as well as decades of sales, marketing, copywriting, and business growth experience that you wouldn’t get from buying direct. If you still have questions on how to Buy Infusionsoft, fill out the form below or call me and let’s talk.



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