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Make Sales Hypnotically With Tony Lucero

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Discovery Is The First Step To Mastery

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Hypnotic Sales Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • Mom was a single mom of 3 (she was married five times)so he joined the Air Force at 17
  • His step-father was a negative influence that drove him to find solutions and not see the problems
  • He realized he wasn't great at being a follower
  • Got into sales and entrepreneurship
  • Sold Kirby vacuum cleaners (was a dirt-sucking salesman)
  • Became a sales trainer and coach for sales hiring
  • He wanted no limits to his income
  • When he was 21 he learned about direct sales and residual income
  • He "dabbled" in it for 15 years and he learned about earning
  • One night he ended up in Vegas at a hypnosis comedy show and became a hypnotist for 10 years
  • Learned about connecting and NLP and hypnotic languaging
  • Now he's into "activation"
  • #FAIL
  • Listen to your heart
  • Surround yourself with great people who believe in you
  • Have a deep belief
  • How to build a business that does $314 million
  • Why you need to leave some "friends" behind to grow
  • How to brand yourself to success
  • How and why you need to be different
  • How to find what differentiates you from the competition
  • Why passion trumps expertise
  • It's hard to write about yourself and promote yourself but you must
  • Why you can't sell when you're "hungry"
  • Why we're all in sales and good at it
  • Why you need to know your numbers
  • The #1 best question to ask a spouse, your date, your prospects, anyone to help make every sale


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