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Design Pickle's Russ Perry Is "The Sober Entrepreneur"

Read your prospects to sell how they want to buy

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Sales Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • Founder and CEO of Design Pickle
    • Had a creative and branding agency...but was bad at branding themselves
    • He had tough companies he helped brand
    • "You can't rename a baby"
    • He hated boring names and names he can't share
    • He hated acronyms
  • "Year of soul searching"
    • Closed his business unceremoneously
    • Had two partners in Buenos Aires
    • Was doing consulting
    • Spent time with two business coaches
    • Two key questions
      • "What do you want?
      • "What kind of business will get you there?"
    • He liked working with companies who needed simple, straightforward design
    • He had an outsourced designer and a part time project manager
    • January 2015 he launched
      • Everyone is full time with him regardless of where they are located
      • Guest blogging
      • Blasted his list via Gmail
      • Got MailChimp
      • Hustled
      • Landed about 20 clients his first month and has been profitable
  • The journey
    • Year one:
      • Defining the target audience and being confident in that
      • Tried personas and target audiences but then they'd get a big influx of customers who weren't in that bucket
      • Shifted from an industry to a behavior of the customer
        • They have hired a designer before
        • They see the value
    • Year two: 
      • Growth in personnel
      • How do we organize / structure the team?
      • How do add management layers?
    • Year three:
      • Honing in on the marketing strategy
      • Live events
      • Online ads
      • Partnerships
      • Affiliates
  • 125 full time staff, $500k in recurring monthly revenue
  • His background prepared him for the launch of his company
    • He saw the habits of his clients
    • He knew their typical needs
    • What's disruptive?
    • What can I profit on?
    • He was too low in the beginning
  • Rigorous hiring process
    • About four weeks
    • It boils down to communication
  • They screen their customers, too
    • Weed out those who don't follow instructions
    • Weed out the impatient
  • Releasing his first book, "The Sober Entrepreneur"
    • Passion project
    • Struggled with alcohol and addiction. Beat it in 2013.
    • Gotten clarity across the board
    • Was even addicted to a bad business
    • Part personal memoir and part practical
  • Launching a same-day service tier
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