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Perry Marshall Shares Why Solving Problems Will Never Go Out of Style

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Read your prospects to sell how they want to buy

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Sales Tips you'll learn in The Sales Podcast...

  • Solving problems vs peddling products will never go out of style
  • Successful entrepreneurs and sales people navigate the people problems to make every sale
  • Selling is not WOWing, it's disqualifying!
  • Your prospects should be able to tell that you're trying to find out if you should even be speaking to them
  • "I probably can't help you so I'm going to find out as quickly as I can so we can move on."
  • The 5 Power Disqualifiers from John Paul Mendocha
    1. They have the money
    2. They have a bleeding neck
      1. ER visitors with a broken arm get a clipboard
      2. ER visitors with a bleeding neck get all the attention immediately
      3. People in big pain write big checks quickly
      4. Stop selling prevention—it's 16x more difficult to sell even if it's 1/1000th as expensive
      5. Sell the cure
      6. The "should-be" world doesn't pay so focus on the "is world."
    3. They buy into my USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
    4. They can say "YES!"
    5. What I sell fits into their overall plan
  • Activity does not equal productivity
  • Get to the truth, not the sale
  • Most agencies that say they are experts at Facebook Ads or Google AdWords are not experts
  • Don't even both doing paid advertising on these platforms unless you're willing to get educated
  • Do you have a killer offer or not?
  • What kind of guarantee can you offer?
    • This will screen who buys from you
    • Tom Hoobyar made an unbelievable guarantee when he was in the pharmaceutical space and it paid off big time to beat a $100 million competitor when he was just a $5 million company
    • He ended up securing 90% of the market share
  • National advertising on Google is tough now
  • There is more wiggle room with Google on the Display Network and Google Shopping and Local
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