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Do Paid Traffic Right With AdSkills Master, John Belcher

Learn how to find where your customers are and give them what they want with effective paid traffic 

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • You need to pay to play
  • To grow you need to grow quickly so you need to efficiently use paid traffic
  • Started in sales
  • Understands delivering a value-based sales pitch
  • Worked for Google on the AdWords team
  • So many people lose money with Google
  • 3.5 years ago he went out on his own
    • Managed $5 million directly of his own spend
    • Managed another $25 million for clients
  • Over 5,000 students on AdSkills
  • Smaller companies have a better chance of getting ads right because you can move quickly
  • Educate yourself and get going
  • Think about the offer
  • Understand where your customers are, i.e. "The Network Funnel"
    • Eugene Schwartz "Breakthrough Advertising"
    • Pro-Persona, i.e. the Angel Customers, will help your company grow because they love you
    • Know who you don't want to sell to, i.e. Demon Customers
    • You can't serve everyone (not everyone is an Angel)
    • Figure out how to exclude the Demon Customers in your ads
    • Find out where your Angel Customers hang out
      • Interview them
        • Find their Heaven
        • Find their Hell
      • Keyword research
        • SEM Rush
        • Google Trends
        • YouTube
      • "The Marketer's Guide To Finding Customers Online" and name your price
      • You have to build a foundation to be successful
        • "Traffic Traps" is where you need to start. Find the 7 areas you're losing money.
        • Commit
        • Have proper expectations
  • Your offer is not your product
    • Make it a great deal
    • It needs to be understood
    • You don't need just a good video, you need a good ad
  • Facebook charges at 3 and 10 seconds
  • YouTube only charges for 30 seconds of viewing
    • He spends about $3/day on YouTube for his AdSkills
    • Grew from 500 to 1,100 Subscribers
  • This can be overwhelming
  • Create an offer
  • Put blinders on your racehorse and focus
  • Read "The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results"
  • Learn how to sell first

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You don't have a traffic problem. You have a conversion problem.
  • Get educated. It has a huge ROI.
  • Get 2 things going:
    • Confidence
    • Cashflow
      • Start with your current community and get them to buy more or buy for the first time
      • Retargeting
        • Offer what they first considered
        • Offer complimentary solutions
  • Do a 30-day campaign and spend $100
    • "Mention this ad and get 10% off" so you can track its effectiveness
    • If it works then add to it
    • If it doesn't work then adjust and re-launch
  • People are on YouTube for two reasons
    • To be entertained
    • To be educated
  • Do an isolation experiment with your YouTube ads
    • Three days
    • Narrow the time frame—maybe two hours
    • Soda Stream made a new brand to test it
    • You can measure with Google Analytics down to this level
  • Once you have something people want then you focus on tracking
  • Email is getting tougher
    • Deliverability is down
    • But try timing your retargeting to match your email sequence
    • Email is here to stay, you just need to understand how to leverage it with paid traffic
  • "Tracking 101" is "Analytics Explained"
  • Tracking is a habit
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