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Sean Tierney On How Disney, Oprah, and Facebook Run WordPress

Get into the weeds to improve your speeds and feeds

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Sales Tips you'll learn today on The Sales Podcast...

  • Sean is the Director of Sales for Pagely, the premier managed WordPress hosting provider.
  • He has over twenty years of experience in tech, marketing, and sales roles and specializes in automation and sales systematization.
  • Sean lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal where he kitesurfs and mentors startups in the Startup Lisboa incubator.
  • Read more from Sean on his personal blog or tune into his podcast for digital nomads.
  • Hosts WordPress for big companies like Oprah, Disney, Facebook
  • Issues to consider
    • Security
    • Performance
    • Page load
    • Patching and updates of plugins
    • Backups
  • Has a partner network
  • "Make the logo bigger"
  • Digital Ocean or AWS for hosting if you're good at running things on your own
  • GoDaddy can help in a shared hosting environment with support
  • AWS is Amazon Web Services
  • Load speed
    • Plugins are the typical culprit that negatively impact your load speed
    • Get your cache straight
      • "What do you employ as a caching strategy?"
      • Engine X full page caching
      • Object caching
    • CDN—content delivery network
      • They use the Amazon CDN CloudFront
      • All the static assets of your website like PHP server output
      • Inspect your pages to determine load speed of each element
      • CDN pushes static assets to POPs
    • Optimize your images
  • Troubleshooting Plugins
  • White glove migration
  • Shared responsibility model
  • Husband and wife team built Pagely for themselves 10 years ago with no funding
  • They were first to market and they created a great reputation
Make The Logo Bigger
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